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Tim McCarthy is a mental health advocate. His story started in high school. He knew he was a little off.  During those years he suspected he had undiagnosed ADHD with a hint of depression.  It wasn’t until years later that he was officially diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety and bipolar II.

It took time for him to accept that this is who he is and that he shouldn’t be embarrassed anymore! After leaving school, Tim had no clue where to go next. Eventually, he found his way to stand-up and podcasting where he’s able to share his message to a large audience. Tim has made it his goal to help as many people as he can that also suffer from mental health issues. 

Recently Tim and I sat down to talk about how more people can support those struggling with their mental health. Conversations about mental health are not easy to have, but we can “break the stigma by cracking a smile”. 

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I got this one life to live. Why don’t I go follow this dream, this idea, this thing that I have.


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2:25 - Tim shares his definition of success

4:36 - How undiagnosed condition can express themselves

9:53 - Check out Tim’s 20TIMinutes Podcast 

15:54 - How Tim is sharing his message to fulfil his goals

20:33 - The importance of having a strong support system

22:05 - How can people support others struggling with mental health

24:04 - Find out more about Tim in the Fulfilment Round

It’s okay not to be okay. It’s just not okay, not to do something about it. So, if you know someone who is struggling or suffering, be there for them. Remind them how much they meant to those around them and do your best to support them.

Check out the Tim McCarthy on Be Fulfilled Podcast 

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