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We are defined by our habits. They make us who we are. Entrepreneurs and business owners, perhaps more than anyone, benefit from intentional and mindful habits. This is why it’s so beneficial to study the lessons of those who have achieved success we envision for ourselves.

Zig Ziglar, the renowned personal development trainer, once said that “there is no elevator success, you have to take the stairs.” To find personal and professional success, you must develop everyday habits. These habits, once properly developed, become so ingrained that you don’t even realize they’re a part of your daily routine.

There’s no silver bullet to success. Habits take hard work, dedication, and persistence. As an entrepreneur, your habits will not only impact your own life, but those around you. Not only are you looking for ways to support yourself and your individual growth, but you’re also responsible for the livelihood of your employees. This can create a lot of pressure.

Successful business habits will help improve your life and the integrity of your organization. In this blog, we will discuss eight top habits of successful entrepreneurs and reflect on how these habits can guide you down the road to success. By the end of this article, you will see how you can start enriching your business as well as your own personal health and mentality.

  1. Create a Morning Routine

Being an entrepreneur is stressful. Without a routine in place to help start your day, you can often feel overwhelmed. The most successful entrepreneurs all create morning routines to get ready for the day. Crafting a morning routine that works for you keeps you feeling your best, and increases productivity. This is the key to starting your day off on the right foot.

  1. Journal

Keeping a journal is an essential habit for all successful entrepreneurs. Your journal is an effective way to start your day with clarity and reflect on your daily successes. You’ll find the benefits of keeping a journal are extensive. It will help you solidify your thoughts, keep track of your daily tasks, and celebrate your wins and dissipate the drainers in your life.

A journal is an excellent way for you to track your progress, set goals, and look for opportunities in the upcoming days, weeks, and months. Try using the Be Fulfilled journal daily to keep track of your progress, successes, and areas of improvement. Once you’re consistently on the road to success and self-improvement, it’s extremely rewarding to look back and reflect on your progress.

  1. Start With the Most Difficult Task

Starting your day by handling the most difficult task first has many benefits:

  • You will feel proud and accomplished, which can provide you with more motivation to tackle the rest of your tasks.
  • You may feel a dopamine rush as a result of your accomplishment. This can give you a very positive and happy feeling that will raise your energy levels and make you hungry for more.
  • It’ll help you avoid procrastination. Often, when we have a task hanging over our heads that we’re not looking forward to, it can overwhelm us and keep us from completing other tasks. However, if you’re able to get the most challenging task out of the way first, you can free up your headspace for other responsibilities that might have otherwise been backlogged.
  1. Plan

Creating a plan is one of the most important things you can do as an entrepreneur. Not only is it critical to take the time to plan your activities and duties for the next day, it’s also essential to plan out your personal goals. Planning can help you see the big picture and start making progress.

If your plan is to launch the next million dollar company, you still need to start small. While keeping your larger goals in mind, try to focus on smaller plans and accomplishments. For example, take the time to prep your meals over the weekend or the night before. This can save you a lot of frantic time getting ready in the morning. Even though it seems small, these plans build up and will help you get closer and closer to your dreams.

  1. Exercise and drink water

Taking care of your body is essential when it comes to running a successful business. If you don’t feel optimal, you will have a hard time performing at a high level over the course of your journey. Entrepreneurs face a variety of different demands throughout the day. Taking the time to care for yourself is one of the most undervalued principles of entrepreneurship.

When your body is functioning properly, everything else starts to flow. Not only will you feel better and more energized in the morning, but you will also get better sleep at night. In addition to exercise, drinking plenty of water is another key to staying in shape. There are countless benefits to staying hydrated. You will feel more vibrant and vital. You’ll even look better.

  1. Meditate or be mindful

Mindful meditation can move mountains. In our fast-paced lives, it can be difficult to stop and take a moment to catch your breath. While our phones, computers, and watches allow us to be more connected than ever, they also make it next to impossible to unplug from the world around you. Entrepreneurs move a mile a minute, but even they need the opportunity to step back and smell the roses.

Taking the time to step out from the busy world and simply be present can have  profound benefits. Meditation, prayer, or taking a moment to be mindful of your surroundings can help keep you grounded and focused. You can start with just for a few minutes each day. Meditation and mindfulness will help you relax, gain awareness, and express gratitude to transform the way you see the world. If you’re looking to add in some light exercise, yoga is an excellent way to improve both your body and mind.

  1. Nurture Others

Focusing on those outside your business is another healthy way to ensure you don’t lose track of the bigger picture. Our communities are made up of all walks of life, including our friends, family, professional relationships, and spiritual leaders. To have a friend you have to be a friend. It’s important to nurture these relationships and let these people know how much they mean to you.

Whether you’re reaching out to an old friend from high school or a new business associate, it’s critical to make time to show these people you care. Charles Buxton once said “you’ll never ‘find’ time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.” This is true of nurturing and maintaining the important relationships in your life.

  1. Make Time for Your Team

To reach new peaks of success, it’s essential to nurture and encourage the members of your team. As the head of your company, it’s like your team is relatively small--especially at the beginning of your journey. This is why it’s important to take the time to get to know your team on a personal level. It doesn’t take much. Ask a team member about their day, learn about their interests, or take them out for lunch. These small gestures will show that you value their time and commitment to the company.

Additionally, by learning more about your team, you’ll identify their strengths and weaknesses and set them up for success. Entrepreneurs who truly know their team members are better able to take advantage of particular talents. The overall success of any team comes down to its leader. Take the time to be an effective leader by learning about your team and helping them grow.


Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 25 percent of new businesses last long enough to see their first fifteen years. There are always new challenges you must prepare for, and sometimes, it can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

To both simplify your life and grow your business, you must make sure you focus on daily routines to help you get ahead. This includes taking time for yourself and practicing daily activities, such as journaling, mindfulness, and reaching out to your friends and family. It’s also important to focus on your health by prioritizing exercise and proper hydration.

It’s also essential to nurture those around you. No one is an island. To reach our full potential, we need the support and love of those around us. Don’t forget to maintain your personal relationships. Additionally, always make sure that you’re supporting the growth and development of your team to ensure their, and your, success.

If you want to learn more about the habits of the most successful entrepreneurs, visit my Be Fulfilled podcast for inspiration.

If you’re interested in making new habits a part of your daily life, the Be Fulfilled journal can provide a path toward future success.

For more tips on being a successful entrepreneur, check out my website or reach out to me via my Contact page. As the great speaker Les Brown once said, “if you set goals and go after them with all the determination you can muster, your gifts will take you places that amaze you.”

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