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After a few years of creating content and helping clients grow their brand online, Mehak quickly realized that couldn’t be scaled more than the editors and resources available. So she shifted to creating a marketing school for people who are passionate about education and helps place them in jobs where they can find true success.

“We have a direct impact on people’s lives. The stories that come out of the program are so inspiring.”

Take your life into your own hands and where there is a will there is a way. Mehak loves being able to create a movement in giving people hope by showing them that if they work really hard they can make it happen.

Mehak Vohra dropped out of college at 19 years old and moved to San Francisco with a goal to build the most scalable marketing agency in the world. She ran Jamocha Media for 4 years. In her peak, she was generating 1-2M views per month on LinkedIn for herself and her clients. She's now the CEO and founder of Skill Bank. Skill Bank is a marketing school that's completely free up front. And, she now has more than 30,000 followers on TikTok.

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I got this one life to live. Why don’t I go follow this dream, this idea, this thing that I have.


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2:15 Optimizing life for experiences
4:00 Dropped out of college and started Skillbank
6:15 Details of Skillbank and how the program is structured
7:50 Direct impact on lives and opportunity
9:10 Overcoming struggles and betting on yourself
11:15 Building team and investors
15:00 Fulfillment Round: What Mehak would teach if given the opportunity
15:30 Fulfillment Round: An experience that Mehak is creating for herself
16:30 Fulfillment Round: What music Mehak has been listening to currently
17:00 Fulfillment Round: What Mehak wants the world to know most about her

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