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You might be thinking to yourself... Wow, I listened to last week's episode where you talked about country music in 1978. You didn't even talk about Star Wars. All right. I'll squeeze it in! By now I was obsessed with what I think most people in the world had never seen before. Some people may have seen Flash Gordon, Star Trek, and all that. For me, a little kid playing with a little Luke Skywalker figure or Darth Vader, or just thinking about the Millennium Falcon and having this kind of fantasy in my bedroom of, playing with the theater of the mind for the very first time…

Of course, I mean the original trilogy, not the prequels and not the sequels, but the original, the ones before that got cut up 50, 60 different times and edited with past footage to make them look different.

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Take time to share with the people who matter most in your life.


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I had a VHS tape. My dad had it on a beta laserdisc, CD, and DVD on demand. Star Wars was that thing that helped me in many ways. I can still turn on Star Wars and follow along with every word. I will watch Star Wars anytime I can. I'm absolutely amazed at what George Lucas was able to create in the theater of the mind by telling the story and how it literally changed so many people's lives.

When I am watching Star Wars, everything's okay. Star Wars is the place where I can let go of where I'm at for that moment and dream. I don't know if you have something like that in your life. For example, you can put on a song or think of a place or just meditate or pray or whatever, and then you just know everything's going to be okay. 

I also think it was big for me in another way. I wanted a relationship with my dad. My parents divorced when I was young. My dad wasn't always around. It's difficult for me to talk about it, but it's the truth. There were a lot of times that I didn't know if my dad was coming over today to pick my sister and me up. He was busy with his own life and his own things. My dad produced the Miss California pageant in Santa Cruz, where we grew up. He was an interior designer, a super-well likable person. We'd be waiting out on the porch. My mom would come out and say, not today guys, and then go back into the house. I don't want to make these memories sad or any of that, but I want you guys to understand that I would escape in the fantasy of the star wars to help distract from that pain.

I would do anything if it meant I could spend time with my dad. We had tons of time together on weekends when he would pick us up on a Friday and he would always take us home on a Sunday. I couldn't wait for Saturday morning, cartoons with my dad curled up on the couch, old reruns of Flash Gordon, and Battlestar Galactica. Even if it was Star Trek, I'd watch that just to hang out with my dad. I wanted my relationship with my dad, but my dad had a difficult time having relationships because it wasn't something that he really experienced with his dad.

When I became a father to you, Ethan and Owen, I tried my very best in all things to be there for you guys. At times I suck at it and then there are other times that I might go overboard. I want you guys to know I did everything I could in my power to be there for you to make every sporting event, every birthday party, everything that ever would have any substance in your life. I want you guys to know that I will continue to do that for as long as I humanly possibly can.

There's nothing more important in this world than your mother and you too. You guys give me such an amazing life and I love being a part of it. Take time. Do the things today that you want. Remember mom and dad loved and want to spend time with you. I over-call sometimes, over text even sometimes, over FaceTime, but it's because I want to see you. I want to be a part of your life. I want to know what you're up to. I wanted that with my dad, for him to want to see what I was up to but I want you to know that it's okay to tell me, "Hey, too much."

That's why as the series of Star Wars goes on and in the very last portion of the trilogy, Return of the Jedi, which by the way, I didn't like it as a movie. I'm just adding my 2 cents to that. There is this one scene when Vader asked Luke to take off his mask. He could look upon him with his own eyes. That's all I've ever wanted to do with you guys. Just look at you. Just admire you. Be appreciative and grateful for who you are and how you show up, the people that you choose to be and the relationships that you have, the way that you care passionately for each other, love one another. It's awesome. It reminds me of my relationship with my sister.

You got a lot of life to live. It's okay to slow down. If your old man asks to watch Star Wars, don't say, no. This is my ask. Say yes, sit down and watch. It's less about the movie and more about the opportunity to adjust, to spend time. I could probably watch anything, but for me, Star Wars is a symbol of what I always wanted, a relationship with my dad. 

I heard it said at a mastermind a couple of years ago, Jesse Itzler said, I only have so many more phone calls, weekends with my mom or dad before we don't. Don't waste time thinking that you can make more time. You can't. Don't waste time thinking I'll do it some other weekend because that weekend might never happen. When you think of it, do it. If you have a message to send to somebody, share it. There are many amazing opportunities right here, right now in front of us. Don't waste them.

Here are three takeaways:
1. Take time to share with the people who matter most in your life.
2. You got a lot of life to live. It's okay to slow down.
3. Don't waste time thinking that you can make more time. You can't.

I can't wait for next week's episode. We're going to be going to the Grand Canyon. That was a really fascinating time in my life, still to this day. Something that I always remember.

Until next time, make today the absolute best day of your life.

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