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If you had the opportunity to share your expertise and support others in your field, would you? What would you do to share your knowledge? Would you create a business to train others, write a book, host a podcast? Corey Kuper has done all of these things and more!

Corey Kupfer is an expert strategist, negotiator and deal maker with more than 30 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, attorney, consultant, author and professional speaker. He is the founder of a leading corporate and deal law firm; and the founder of DealQuest, a speaking, training and consulting company committed to inspiring authenticity in business.

The DealQuest podcast guides you through the deal-making process. Corey takes you behind the scenes of the business world and shows you how to create deals for every business.

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I got this one life to live. Why don’t I go follow this dream, this idea, this thing that I have.


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1:54 - Corey shares his definition of success

3:34 - How did Corey begin his journey?

6:40 - The story behind the Authentic Negotiation book

9:19- The long process of creating a successful podcast

16:38 - Corey’s secret to early business success

18:33 - Let’s recap everything we learned from Corey

Take a moment to reflect, where are you headed in life? Is it toward the thing you’ve always dreamt of? Is it toward the life you always wanted? If the answer is no, then take this as an opportunity to change that. Figure out exactly where you need to be in order to achieve that dream and make it happen. 

You can find Corey Kupfer on his site, Connect with Tony at and find the journal at