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Do you ever feel like you are always striving for what is next? This is easy to do, especially in business! We need to take a step back and be grateful for what is right in front of us and truly be present in the moment.

“The secret to happiness is not a secret--it is simplicity”
This is the realization that Tim Young came to when he was in the corporate world. You don’t want to miss his story about the journey that led him to a simpler life full of gratitude and positivity.

Tim Young lives in rural America on what he considers a modern homestead. Chickens, rabbits, fresh air, and dirt roads, living a simple life. He, along with his wife and daughter, started Gratitude Garb, a brand with a mission of spreading our attitude of gratitude one fashion statement at a time. Being grateful not only leads to personal joy but spreading the feeling of gratitude helps make the world a happier, more peaceful place for us all.

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I got this one life to live. Why don’t I go follow this dream, this idea, this thing that I have.


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1:30 The simple life isn’t always so simple.
2:15 Finding your happy place in life.
4:45 Lessons from sports that can be applied to business.
5:55 Journey up success mountain
10:00 “Secret to happiness is not a secret, it is simplicity.”
13:30 Being present for your family--Don’t miss anything.
18:15 Gratitude and negative attitude cannot live in the same space.
20:50 Capitalism drives us to always think about the next thing and not what is right in front of us.
21:40 Think about the amazing things that make our lives so convenient--running water, refrigeration, etc.
23:00 The most important currency you’ll exchange is time in a relationship.
25:45 The answer for gratitude is right in front of you.

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