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My grandma, Nana, people knew her as Peggy. She was phenomenal! She lived in an apartment in Santa Cruz, California in between my dad's place and my mom's house. She was a single lady, never remarried after she divorced my grandfather. Some days my dad would drop me off at school. Some days my mom would drop me off. My grandmother, Peggy Nana, picked me up. She would walk me back to her apartment. We'd hang out, play games, cook dinner, and then my mom would pick me up and take me home.

When I got older in life, I was asked, “what relationship do you miss the most?” I would always say my Nana. She cared and she showed me what hard work looked like too. She was a real estate agent. She would take me to Wilson Brothers.

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Consistency creates safety.


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That's the office that she had her license at and just showed me how to be really nice with people. She was one of the only people in my life who was just on time, not being a second late on time, like getting there a minute or two prior. If you knew you were going to be late, you call ahead and you let somebody know like, “Hey, I'm running late. I'm going to be just 15 minutes out. Just wanted to let you know.”

I never had to wonder, “Hey, where's the person picking me up today?” Someone would say, “Hey, you're your Nana, she's running late. She called ahead. Let's play another game until she gets here.” That's important to have that modeled for you. She modeled consistency for me.

The reason why I want to bring this story up is even today, if I'm running like 10, 15 minutes behind,  I'm really good about picking up the phone. If I'm driving to a dinner reservation I’ll call and say, “Hey, I'm already 15 minutes out, probably from being late, but I'm gonna let you know. I'm probably gonna be 10 minutes on top of that.” Most restaurants when you call them, they're like, “Thank you very much for letting us know.”

I learned not to waste people's time because the last thing they want to do is give up a seat in a restaurant. It doesn't matter if it's a restaurant, taking your car into an appointment, whatever. When you're on time, everyone else comes to work. When you're running behind, everyone else still comes to work. It causes everything to get behind and then people get mad. Communicating consistently makes a difference.

Ethan and Owen, these stories are for you. As you reflect on life, listen to some of my challenges. There was a time in my life where I wasn't consistent. I was out of integrity. I'd run late a lot, but now if I'm running late, I let people know. Sometimes people look at me like you're only gonna be five minutes late…. Why bother to let them know? There's a grace period. I'm like, there may be a grace period, but if you're going to be late, you just tell people. Then become your word and try to not be late anymore. Try to show up when you can.

Here are three takeaways:

1. You can be the model that someone else can look up to.
2. Consistency creates safety.
3. All you have is your word. So, you need to be your word.

Maybe ask yourself this question, “Is there a place right now in your life that you're not consistent?” You don't have to wait for some big thing to take place to make changes. Just identify that you have a problem. Ask a higher power for help. Write a list of things that you're late on. Then begin to believe the things that you're writing as I'm not considerate of other people's times. Now I'm going to change that and work on it one day at a time and see how things begin to unfold.

The number one thing that you have is your word. Number one, it's the only thing that you have. So what do you need to do today to be your word? That's it? I hope you guys have a great week. Thanks for listening to these episodes. I said, they're going to be turned into a book at the end of the season

Until next time, make today the absolute best day of your life.

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