To those who know they want to make up for a lost time by creating the most fulfilling life possible.

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This journal keeps me centered and grateful. It taps into the meaningful details of the day that I might otherwise skim over. I better embrace and acknowledge my response in the world whirling around me with
deeper insight.

– Tami Canaday

This little book has become my go-to morning routine. Gratitude, goals, focus—it’s my altruistic action plan for each and every day. Organize your purpose with this badass little purple book, it’s worth it!

– Ryan Hampton

Recovery Journeys

Everyone recovers in different ways. This journal is designed to guide you through your recovery journey. With just 30 minutes a day, you can keep track of your progress, regain your motivation, and make gratitude a habit.

Begin and end each day on point.

This journal offers weekly reflections and inspirations from Anna and Tony. Each week includes a place to set goals, reminders, and to-dos for the upcoming days. You’ll also have space to reflect on your accomplishments and lessons you learned the previous week.


Journaling has become an important tool for me to stay sober and manage my chronic pain. THIS journal helps me work through things and bring out creativity!

– Courtney Friel

As a pen-to-paper girl, I must have a journal with me always. This one is my favorite!

– Sara O’Neil


Step By Step Recovery

This journal walks you through the step-by-step journey of recovery. It’s designed to support you as you make progress. This 12-week journal focuses on two important factors of recovery.

quotes & inspiration

Each day includes a different inspirational quote to keep you inspired on your journey. This journal gives you space to reflect on what you learned and what you’re grateful for each day. You’ll also have an area to rate your focus, happiness, energy level, food, attitude, sleep, and more


This journal was designed to guide you on your journey of recovery. With this journal, you’ll also receive access to virtual courses to aid you in your recovery journal. You’ll also be invited to join an online community of other like-minded people on a similar journey.


Filled with profound insights and reminders...a great way to stay centered throughout the week.

– Pastor Ryan Canaday

Journaling is a powerful tool of recovery, and BeFulfilled helps me daily.

– Brian C

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Why this journal is for you

I’ve always written to comfort and heal myself. Even when I was deep into my addiction, I journaled; the journals just didn’t make a ton of sense. And I know that one of the reasons I dove into my recovery program as much as I did is that personal writing is such a big part of it.

When Tony asked me if I wanted to collaborate on a journal specifically designed for those in recovery, I leapt at the opportunity. While we immediately found common ground over how we’d both found sobriety after addiction, I’ve discovered in the time since how much our life views are aligned. To summarize (and thus not do justice to either of us): we are both determined to squeeze as much joy as possible out of life, mostly because we lost too much to addiction. And we know there’s no better way to do it than by pouring as much as we can onto the page. We’re so excited to have you join us in this journey.

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