Scott Love – How to Increase Employee Loyalty and Build Company Culture

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Scott Love

Scott Love speaks all over the world about employee loyalty. The key things he teaches it that the problems with employee retention typically don’t have to do with employees at all – they are related to the leadership and the company culture. On this episode of The Tony G Show, Scott reveals the truths you can apply today to begin fostering greater employee loyalty and turn around your sagging company moral. Scott is the author of the great book, “Why They Follow,” is a legal recruiter who helps law firm partners and groups mitigate risk and maximize potential in making lateral moves, and leads the “Positive Leadership Community.” Find out more about Scott and his efforts to help you build employee loyalty, on this episode.

What does it take for you to be the boss that nobody wants to leave?

When Scott Love began having conversations with prospects through recruiting firm who wouldn’t even talk to him about a new position because they loved the boss they currently worked for, he was intrigued. Why would someone turn down a lucrative step up in their career to stay with a particular boss? He had to find out. That’s what led Scott to begin the research that has spawned his book and speaking career. He loves teaching managers and CEOs how to build a company where employees never want to leave. His biggest tip? Your employees don’t come to work for your sake, they come to work for themselves. Find out what that means and how you can apply it, on this episode.

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  • [0:54] Who is Scott Love?
  • [3:00] Why Scott’s pursuing knowledge about being the boss that employees don’t want to leave.
  • [4:52] How some companies keep employees forever.
  • [7:46] The blind spots Scott is able to help CEOs see that make a huge difference.
  • [11:09] The importance Scott has discovered to having creative outlets.
  • [13:41] What Scott does to recharge himself.
  • [16:30] How a good sense of humor is a boost to any employer or manager.
  • [20:18] How do you become a person who follow-able?
  • [27:02] The best way to connect with Scott.
  • [27:38] The 4 mantras Scott used to guide every day.


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