(Raw and Uncut 013) Patterns in Life

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Tony G. appeared on the Entrepreneur Unplugged show with Tony Grebmeier

What are the patterns you keep falling into in your life? Are they productive and positive patterns or are they destructive ones? Pause for a moment and really consider that. What does that stir up for you? On this episode of the Tony G Show, Tony explains how you can identify patterns in your life and make positive steps toward change. This is a powerful episode that may be the push in the right direction that you need, don’t miss it!

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What do you want out of life?

What do you really want out of life? What are you getting out of this one life that you’ve been given? Are you surviving or thriving? Everyone wants to live with purpose. But there are many things in this life that distract us and get us off track. Tony wants to help people like you break the cycle and experience freedom and joy in life. To find out how you can start the journey toward a new purpose in life, make sure to catch this episode of the Tony G Show!

Get Uncomfortable today!

Don’t stay stuck in the rut, get uncomfortable today! Do something different, break out of the same old patterns that you’ve been used to for so long. You won’t regret it. Once you’ve broken out of the mold, don’t follow the temptation to go back to the old way of doing things after a day or two. Stay focused and determined to do things differently. If you’d like to hear Tony expand on this idea further, don’t miss this episode!

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Reflection is key

One of the greatest tools we never use is reflection. What steps can you take today to engage in this powerful tool of personal growth? Everyone needs to find that moment in their day where they pause and reflect. It makes you a better person to be around. Don’t take the shortcut in life, find out what works for you and practice a regular pattern of pausing for reflection. This isn’t just an idea that Tony puts out there for you to consider, he has experienced its benefits first hand. He knows the power these concepts have to change lives and he wants to you tap into them. Learn more by listening to this episode of the Tony G Show!


  • How you do anything is how you everything.
  • What do you want out of life?
  • Get uncomfortable today!
  • Pay attention to the patterns in life.
  • Reflection is the greatest tool we never use.

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