(Raw and Uncut 011) Get in the Line

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Tony G. appeared on the Entrepreneur Unplugged show with Tony Grebmeier

Are you always looking for the next best thing in life? Do you find yourself looking for the next thrill or new experience? What would happen if you slowed down, even just for a little bit? Consider taking it slow today. Sure it may take longer and it might feel like you are missing out but just pause and take the slower path today. Sometimes you need that moment to catch your breath and look around. On this episode of the Tony G Show, you’ll learn how important it is to “Get in line” instead of rushing off to the ride.

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The Line is where life happens

Don’t buy the lie that your life is only worth living for the “Highs.” In the “Lows” and lulus of life is where lessons are learned, connections are made, and insights occur. Heed the words of the old saying “Don’t miss the forest for the trees.” Get in line today and wait. See what happens and what you observe about the world around you. There is something for you to learn, you won’t regret it. Hear more about waiting in line on this episode of the Tony G Show.

Just be

Have you been stuck lately? Have you been frustrated because you haven’t found the success you’ve been looking for? Use this time in your life to pause and learn about yourself. Be still and tap into the center of who you are. Learn about meditation and other tools you can use to center yourself and find peace within. You can’t always control what happens in the world around you but you can always control what happens on the inside. Find out how vital this practice is on this episode of the Tony G Show.

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What do you have to lose?

Maybe you’ve always done life at a breakneck pace. You love the rush and the thrill of going for the most exciting things life has to offer. But be honest with yourself, don’t you find yourself asking if there is more to life? What do you have to lose? Try a slower pace. Test it, really test it. If you don’t like it, go back to what you were doing before. You owe it to yourself to change the pace. Tony made this change in his life and he hasn’t ever looked back. Hear him expand on this idea and more on this episode of the Tony G Show.


  • Do you ever feel stuck?
  • Getting in the line is where life happens.
  • Just be.
  • Stop skipping around so much.
  • Look at the line differently.


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