(Raw and Uncut 002) How I overcame addiction with one simple (but not easy) change

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Tony G. appeared on the Entrepreneur Unplugged show with Tony Grebmeier

Today’s topic with Tony G raw and uncut, is “change.” Tony G shares honest struggles and addictions he dealt with and chose to overcome. During the early days of addiction, Tony asked himself if that was truly what he wanted. As he journeyed on, he started straightening out his life, holding down a job, getting married, and things were going well. But Tony had not dealt with his issues and addictive personality. There was survival, but no personal development. He was stuck thinking that all the problems in his life were somebody else’s fault. Find out what ultimately changed Tony’s life and how he made the decision to change, to overcome his addiction. If you are an entrepreneur, you are a person who chases crazy things. Tune in to this episode to check yourself and your path.

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Mindset: The old versus the new

Tony G used to blame circumstances in his life on everyone else, thinking someone was out to get him. He has a changed perspective, in that he can control his reactions and is ultimately at fault. Tony has spent a lifetime changing his mindset. Listen in as he recommends taking personal responsibility for everything that happens in your life. Don’t wait. Change can happen right now. Start taking ownership for what is going on in your life.

Be the change

Tony has learned to work the things wrong in his life, into the things that are good. He wakes up each day excited for opportunity and has a vision for where he wants to go in life. Tony did not always have that and had to work on it all. It is important to work on yourself daily and invest in a healthy mindset. Tony reached out for help, both to friends and to a higher power. It is a matter of tuning your frequency into something bigger than yourself. Are you ready to stop worrying about what you cannot change or the future that you also cannot control? Are you ready to wake up with meaning and purpose? This episode will help you change the conversations you have with yourself, which can make all the difference.

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  • [0:29] Tony G’s introduction of today’s raw topic: Change.
  • [0:55] How Tony used to think and act.
  • [2:07] The loose ends of past and issues and addictions.
  • [3:21] What ultimately changed Tony’s life forever.
  • [4:27] The thing Tony G is constantly working at.
  • [4:54] Addressing the conversations you have with yourself.
  • [5:55] How Tony now wakes up and approaches each day.
  • [6:29] Tuning into your higher power.
  • [7:47] Old mindset versus new mindset.
  • [8:30] A ninja trick from Tony.
  • [9:26] Tony’s Closing remarks.


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