Episode 022 – Charles Livingston – Lifestyle Freedom and Unlimited Opportunities Online

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Today’s episode is a fun conversation about time and lifestyle freedom, with a friend of Tony’s, Charles Livingston. Charles has always been fascinated with health – so much so that he became a Chiropractor and enjoyed his practice for many years. But by the time he finished Chiropractic school (with $100,000 in student loan debt) one of his friends had already made a million dollars through online marketing. It was an unbelievable realization to Charles that his friend could make so much income and gain lifestyle freedom through online sales and products. This episode tells Charles’ story and how he made the transition himself.

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An interest in health and fitness that has grown beyond imagination.

Charles Livingston’s interest in health and fitness began when he was very young and he immediately knew that he’d be doing something in the healthcare arena once he was grown. That led to a career as a chiropractor and a very successful practice. But he realized quickly that trading his time for money was not the best way to go if he was going to have the chance to live a life of freedom in terms of time and finances. So… he began learning from his friend how to create online products and courses that could help others with their health and fitness. The change that step has made to his life is incredible, and you’re going to hear about it on this episode.

The lifestyle benefits of eliminating the time-for-money work model.

Charles Livingston didn’t have to work in his successful chiropractic office for very long before he recognized the trap that it could be in terms of income and freedom. He didn’t make money unless he was in the office, seeing patients on a regular basis. He wanted to be free of that constraint and begin investigating the possibilities. He found a world of possibilities on the internet and with good advice and great coaching has been able to build several sizeable businesses and income streams. Be sure to listen to this episode for the inspiration behind the steps Charles took and get your own shot of encouragement to go for your dreams.

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If you don’t have systems to support your sales process, you will fail.

That’s the sentiment of what Charles Livingston shared on this episode when he was asked about the lessons he’s learned about business development and growth. He understands that a company can have an incredible marketing funnel to get new clients, but if the customer service aspect of the company is not solid and systematized in a way that fuels the customer experience, you’ll lose customers you should be keeping. Be sure to listen to this episode to hear Charles’ advice on the importance of organization and systems within your business.

An important superpower to develop: The ability to connect.

One of the important things Charles Livingston has been able to implement in making his business and business opportunities successful is the power of making and using great personal connections. It’s not about networking, it’s about being genuine, friendly, and helpful on whatever level you are able. Charles has been able to connect with some high level people and maximize the opportunities those relationships provide to not only make his existing businesses more successful, but to open doors to new opportunities. You can hear more about how Charles recommends you go about making those important connections, on this episode.

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  • [1:14] Tony’s introduction of his friend, Charles Livingston – online marketer, etc.
  • [2:02] The journey Charles went on from Chiropractic practice to online sales.
  • [4:05] The amazing experience of transitioning from time-for-money work, to scaled income opportunities.
  • [7:05] Charles’ biggest lesson learned as a Chiropractor.
  • [8:55] The world-wide span of Charles’ partners and team.
  • [10:05] The things Charles loves to do in life.
  • [11:40] Constant improvements in Charles’ business world.
  • [13:24] Why Charles recently launched a coffee company.
  • [15:53] The unique game of selling coffee on Amazon.
  • [16:42] Fun things Charles does to learn and grow personally.
  • [18:58] The one piece of life-changing advice Charles gives.
  • [19:31] Tips to expand your network of important connections.
  • [21:25] The best way to connect with Charles Livingston.


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