Episode 087 – Dennis Crosby – Discover Your Truth

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dennis crosby - discover your truth

What does it mean to really understand and discover your truth? Is this something that comes easily to you? Do you find yourself struggling to fit in and find your place in the larger scope of life? On this episode of the Tony G Show, you’ll hear from business leader and entrepreneur Dennis Crosby as he shares about his personal journey to discovering his truth and how he can best show up in the world. In addition, Dennis talks about dealing with rejection, self-worth, business success, and much more! This is a powerful and inspiring episode that you don’t want to miss!


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Facing Self Doubt

One of the biggest assets a successful leader can carry with them is a strong sense of who they are. You’ve met people like this in your life, they are confident and strong. Does that describe you? Are you sure of who you are and your abilities? Do you know your purpose and your truth? For a long time, Dennis Crosby struggled with knowing who he was meant to be. He faced self-doubt and insecurity. Then, through a series of events and key people that came into his life, Dennis started to experience a transformation. Hear all about the lessons and insights Dennis has gathered along the way on this episode!

STOP Saying “I’m Sorry”

Do you find yourself falling into the habit of saying “I’m sorry” when you mess up in your relationships? Do you think that quick statement is accomplishing the healing and restoration that you want to see? What if there was a better way to communicate to people you let down or wrong? On this episode of the Tony G Show, Dennis Crosby and Tony discuss the power of changing your language when you go to clean up an interpersonal conflict. It’s a simple change but it can be a little difficult to make, find out what it means to shift your language from saying “I’m sorry” to “I apologize, will you forgive me?” This shift could make all the difference in your journey to know your truth, find out how on this episode!

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What are you capable of doing?

What you believe about yourself matters. It can have a huge impact on how you live your life and the decisions you choose to make. When you pause for a moment and consider your life, what stands out? What are you capable of doing? On this episode of the Tony G Show, you’ll hear from Dennis Crosby as he explains how he struggled with finding his purpose and knowing his truth. He also describes how his mindset started to shift and how he now lives with determination and drive. If you want to hear more of Dennis’ story make sure to catch this episode!

You can Make a Difference TODAY

Too often people buy the lie that they have to be an expert in a particular field or have a certain amount of experience or wisdom to help someone else. That’s NOT true! No matter where you are in your journey YOU can help bring value and assistance to someone in your world today. On this episode of the Tony G Show, you’ll hear from Dennis Crosby as he shares how this simple revelation made a big impact on his outlook on life. If you want to hear how you can make a difference no matter where your starting point is, make sure to listen to this episode!

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  • [0:30] Tony’s introduction to his guest, Dennis Crosby.
  • [1:40] Dennis’ story, the cliff notes version.
  • [5:00] Getting fed up with the traditional workplace.
  • [11:00] Knowing your truth.
  • [17:00] Self doubt and worth in other people’s eyes.
  • [21:00] The fear of rejection.
  • [23:00] Challenges running a small business.
  • [30:30] The difference between “I’m sorry” and “Will you forgive me?”
  • [34:00] A desire to leave an impact.
  • [37:00] What do you need to unlearn?
  • [39:00] Parting inspiration from Dennis.



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