Episode 086 – Duke Sayer – Speak Your Truth  

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Duke Sayer - Speak Your Truth  

What would it look like for you have the strength and determination to relentlessly speak your truth? This is not to say you should show up in an overbearing and obnoxious way but in a way that reveals the real you with no masks and no hidden agendas. Does that sound like something you’d like to live out? On this episode of the Tony G Show, you will hear from relationship expert and personal coach Duke Sayer. Duke started the Man Club to help men rediscover a healthy masculinity and understand how to “Speak your truth.” If you’d like to hear more about Duke’s story and how you can begin a journey of personal transformation, make sure to listen to this episode!



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The Power of Forgiveness

Have you been in an emotional place in your life where you felt stuck and unable to move forward? Maybe you are in a place like that right now and you need a helping hand to get back on track. Duke Sayer is a personal coach who wants to help leaders like you figure out what is holding them back in life. He’s been down the path of bitterness and found his way out to embrace forgiveness and truth. Learn how you can speak your truth and grow both personally and professionally from Duke Sayer on this episode of the Tony G Show!

Taking Personal Responsibility

What is the core narrative or truth that guides you each and every day? How do you stay focused on what truly matters in our chaotic and crazy world? What if you could learn how to show up in spaces in your life in a way that resonated with others and lets your own uniqueness shine through? Personal coach and relationship expert Duke Sayer wants to help leaders like YOU unlock the power of personal responsibility. Though the ups and downs of life, Duke has learned that the only person who truly has the power to make a large impact in your life is you! If you’d like to hear how Duke’s life lessons can help shape how you show up in your relationships today, make sure to catch this episode!

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Connecting with People in a way that matters

What is it that allows some leaders and personalities to take off and gather a following? Is there some secret that they have tapped into that allows them special access to a large following? Is it even possible for people like YOU to have a big audience on platforms like Facebook? On this episode of the Tony G Show, you’ll hear how Duke Sayer has been able to connect with people on social media by following his simple life rule, “Speak your truth.” Because Duke remains relentlessly honest and provides genuine and valuable content, people keep coming back for more. To hear more about Duke’s success and how you can start to connect with people in a fresh new way, listen to this episode!

Where Is Your Deep Hurt Coming From?

Many people go through life and the course of their relationships suffering through deep hurts. Where do those hurts come from? Why do they always seem to get the best of you? On this episode of the Tony G Show, you’ll hear from relationship expert Duke Sayer as he explains how you can connect with that place of deep hurt. Once you are able to figure out where this pain is coming from, it can have the power to minimize the dysfunction you’ve been experiencing in your most intimate relationships. Are you ready to dive deep and find out what you need to change in your life today? Listen to this episode to find out!

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  • [0:25] Tony’s introduction to his guest, Duke Sayer.
  • [1:30] Duke’s story, the cliff notes version.
  • [4:45] The moment Duke realized that he needed to make changes in his life.
  • [8:20] How Duke started to accept himself.
  • [15:00] Be the change you want to see & the Power of Forgiveness.
  • [18:30] Man Club.
  • [25:00] Taking personal responsibility.
  • [28:30] How Duke is driving interest on Social Media.
  • [35:30] Parting relational insight from Duke.



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