Episode 076 – Dave Sanderson – Miracle On The Hudson

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dave sanderson - Miracle On The Hudson

Dave Sanderson is a survivor of US Airways Flight 1549 and its crash into the Hudson river. This is the event known as “The Miracle On The Hudson” and told by the riveting movie “Sully” starring Tom Hanks. The amazing aspect of this crash is that not one person lost their life. On this episode of the Tony G Show, Dave shares the story from his perspective. He talks about what motivated him to help others off the plane, the decisions that changed his life after the crash, his plans for the future and so much more! Hearing Dave tell the story puts you right there with him, you don’t want to miss this powerful and inspiring episode!

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A Life Changing event leads to life changing decisions

As you can imagine, surviving a plane crash has HUGE implications on someone’s life. Shortly after the crash landing known as “The Miracle on the Hudson” Dave Sanderson went to work helping his fellow passengers get off the plane safely. This led to Dave being known as the last passenger off of the crashed plane. He didn’t even know he was the last person off the plane until he was on the show “Good Morning America.” Dave was motivated to help others because of the lessons his mom taught him as a child, “If you do the right thing, God will take care of you.” This lesson and Dave’s actions that day put him on a course that would change his life. Soon after this event, Dave started public speaking and writing. He wants his story and the things he has learned to motivate and help others to do the right thing. To hear more of Dave’s fascinating story and how it shaped his life, make sure to listen to this episode of the Tony G Show!

Be Resourceful

Have you made the most out of what you have in life? Don’t take it for granted! Everyone needs to take stock of what they have at their disposal and be grateful. Dave Sanderson has learned this lesson and encourages the people he interacts with to really understand what they’ve been given in life. He teaches that one of the wisest things people can be doing is focusing their efforts on being resourceful. Get creative, think outside of the box! Leverage the things you have in life to your full advantage and to the advantage of those around you. To hear more lessons like this from Dave, make sure to listen to this episode of the Tony G Show.

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Moments Matter

What really matters in your life? Have you thought about that lately? Many people get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the day that the week, the month, and the year goes by in what feels like the blink of an eye. You need to slow down. Take in the moments that fill your day. Dave Sanderson learned this lesson in a jarring way. When Dave was involved in the crash landing on the Hudson river it shifted his perspective on life. Now Dave reflects on the moments in his life that have brought him to where he is today. He wants leaders like you to know that each moment matters. Any moment can define your life and your purpose here on earth. Don’t take moments in your life for granted. If you’d like to hear Dave expand on this truth and more, listen to this episode of the Tony G Show.

HOPE for the future

What do you hope for? What are the plans and goals that excite you? Dave Sanderson has some great projects lined up that he is passionate about. What will it take to ignite that passion and fire in you? For Dave, it was following his dreams. He took a look at his life and decided that he wanted to wake up each morning pursuing his passion. As scary and uncertain that sounds, Dave took the risk and doesn’t regret it for a moment. If you aren’t sure about your goals and plans for the future, you’ve got to check out this episode of the Tony G Show. Dave’s story will get you fired up and ready to take action!

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  • [0:26] Tony introduces his guest Dave S.
  • [1:20] Dave tells his story, the cliff notes version.
  • [7:20] Why did Dave stop to help others?
  • [9:30] Dave talks about how the crash changed his life.
  • [14:20] Making changes and moving toward entrepreneurship.
  • [19:30] How do you help people who can’t see that they need help?
  • [23:30] Moments matter, don’t take it lightly.
  • [24:30] Dave’s hope and plans for the future.
  • [26:20] How can people get Dave’s book?
  • [27:30] Dave has a TED Talk in the works.
  • [28:30] Be resourceful.
  • [29:30] How to connect with Dave.




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