Episode 075 – Jimena Cortes – Internet Marketing Strategies

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jimena cortes - internet marketing strategies

Internet marketing strategies can sound very intimidating to many business leaders and entrepreneurs. Most leaders are focused on the big picture, what drives profits, and how to keep a business thriving. Spending time and resources on internet marketing can sound like a luxury. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Marketing expert Jimena Cortes has created a “Done for you” business solution with her company. She helps business build a presence on the internet, generate sales leads, and more. On this episode of the Tony G Show, you will learn about Jimena’s services, finding joy outside of productivity, the value of setting goals, and the role of social media in business. Don’t miss this valuable episode!

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A common challenge in business

What is one of the most common challenges in business? Finding quality team members. Finding the right person to work with you and bring value to your company can be very difficult. Once you find that individual or build that person up into the team member you need, they become an integral piece to your success. What makes a good team member? How do you bring someone on board and fit them into your vision and model? If you aren’t asking these questions, you are missing a crucial piece to cultivating an environment for success. Jimena Cortes recently dealt with this challenge and has come out on the other side with a team member that adds great value to her business. To hear about Jimena’s story, make sure to listen to this episode of the Tony G Show!

What brings you joy?

As much as Tony talks about business and success on this podcast, he also encourages his listeners to follow their passion and discover what brings them joy. What is it for you? Outside of productivity, success, and all the great ideas you have – what brings you joy? Jimena Cortes is a driven and accomplished professional, yet she still prioritizes the things in life that bring her joy. Her favorite thing to do is to travel – to her talk about this passion is infectious, it will have you booking your next vacation! To hear more of Jimena’s story, make sure to catch this episode of the Tony G Show.

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What are your goals in life and business?

Have you identified your personal and business goals for 2017? If not, what is holding you back? Many people are afraid that if they speak their goals or write them down and fail to accomplish them it can lead to a sense of failure. That is a possibility – setting goals is risky! If they don’t cause you a little bit of trepidation, they aren’t worthy goals. Tony is convinced of the necessity of setting goals. He has seen it make a HUGE impact on his personal life and in his business. On this episode of the Tony G Show, Tony and his guest Jimena talk about the goals she has set and how they motivate her to move forward. Catch their enthusiasm and listen to this episode!

The role of Social Media in business

Social media has changed the landscape for internet marketing and sales strategies. It has also changed the landscape when it comes to recruiting and hiring team members. Doing your due diligence and researching prospective new hires is important but so is building a presence and reputation on social media. If you fail to understand and utilize both of these aspects of social media engagement you are missing out on a vital resource. Tony’s guest on this episode of the Tony G Show is Jimena Cortes. Jimena is a social media expert and has built a reputation around helping businesses understand how they can leverage the platform to it’s fullest extent. If you’d like to learn how you can utilize social media for your business, make sure to listen to this episode!

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  • [0:30] Tony’s introduction to this episode.
  • [2:15] Jimena Cortes shares her story.
  • [5:00] Jimena talks about her business.
  • [6:00] What has been the biggest challenge Jimena has faced in business?
  • [7:45] To what degree is Jimena involved in sales?
  • [8:40] Challenges with generating leads.
  • [9:15] What does Jimena love to do when she isn’t working?
  • [11:15] How has the first quarter of 2017 been?
  • [12:20] Jimena talks about her goals.
  • [14:40] The role of social media in hiring.
  • [17:35] Jimena shares her daily routine.
  • [20:40] One motivational saying that drives Jimena.




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