Episode 071 – Jeremy Weisz – Leaving a Legacy

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Jeremy Weisz - Leaving a Legacy

What will you leave behind? How are you making a difference in the world? Leaving a legacy is not something most people often think about. Sure, it comes up now and again but to have a legacy as a central part of what motivates and drives you is not common. On this episode of the Tony G Show, guest Jeremy Weisz talks about the legacy he wants to leave behind. He also shares about his success as a chiropractor, podcaster, and entrepreneur. If you are looking for powerful insight and an inspiring story, don’t miss this episode with Jeremy!

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The Big “WHY”

Everyone has a personal narrative. These are the stories you tell yourself, the story of your family, and the experiences that shape your life. Many core convictions and central motives arise out of your personal narrative. Entrepreneur Jeremy Weisz is impacted by the story of his grandfather’s survival of the Holocaust. That story impacted Jeremy’s father and also Jeremy himself. The narrative that against all odds this man survived imparts great expectation and meaning on Jeremy’s life. He is aware that his life has significance and he longs to leave a legacy that will impact the world for good. What is your personal narrative? How can you leave a positive legacy behind?

Becoming a Super Connector

What is a “Super connector?” How do you become one? Jeremy Weisz is known by many as a “Super connector.” He is connected to many highly successful people and he LOVES to connect them to others. The reason he loves to connect them is because he lives by the philosophy to give and serve without seeking a return. This way of thinking has drawn people to Jeremy like a magnet, and the beautiful thing is Jeremy uses this ability to help others! Don’t miss more of Jeremy’s story on this episode of the Tony G Show!

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Lifelong learner

How do some of the most successful people unwind? Many business leaders and entrepreneurs are lifelong learners. Even when relaxing and unwinding they love to stimulate their mind and challenge themselves. Jeremy Weisz is a high capacity leader who unwinds by reading books. He loves to hear the stories of other great business leaders and innovators that challenge his thinking and give him new insights. Jeremy is one of those unique individuals who is never satisfied with complacency. In addition, he loves to enjoy a good meal and basketball. Hear more about what drives a successful leader like Jeremy on this episode of the Tony G Show!

A big fear in business

Fear is one of the biggest motivators for everyone. When you combine fear with business, things can get really messy quick. How can you identify and adapt to your innate fears so they lose their power? Jeremy Weisz’s biggest fear in business is operating from a place of scarcity rather than abundance. His grandfather and father each had a bit of this mindset and part of it got passed on to Jeremy. He has identified this fear and through personal development and the help of others, he has robbed it of its power. To hear Jeremy discuss this fear and how he addressed it further, listen to this episode of the Tony G Show!

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  • [0:30] Tony introduces today’s guest, Jeremy Weisz.
  • [2:00] Jeremy tells his story, the cliff notes version.
  • [3:45] What is Jeremy’s “Why?”
  • [7:00] Why is chiropractic care still looked at skeptically?
  • [12:00] How did Jeremy get into podcasting?
  • [14:00] What would you tell yourself from 15 from now?
  • [18:20] How did Jeremy become a “Super connector?”
  • [24:00] What does Jeremy love to do when he’s “Off?”
  • [28:00] Jeremy’s top ten favorite interviews he’s conducted.
  • [31:20] What is the craziest thing Jeremy has done to make money?
  • [34:40] What were Jeremy’s parents like?
  • [37:00] Jeremy’s biggest fear.
  • [38:00] What would Jeremy do if he had to start over with $5,000?
  • [40:00] Where would Jeremy like to travel?
  • [41:00] Jeremy talks about his Master Mind and how to get connected with him.



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