Episode 070 – Jos Aguiar – Targeted Advertising Online

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Targeted advertising online can be very intimidating. You might know who your audience is, but how to communicate with them is a different question. Depending on the demographic breakdown, your customer base might be best reached on Twitter, Facebook, Email, Google, and the list could go on. How do you determine where to invest your time and effort? On this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged, Tony sits down with targeted advertising expert Jos Aguiar. Jos’ shares how he got started with online advertising, lessons he has learned in life and business, and how he can help leaders like you maximize your efforts and reach your audience in meaningful ways.

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The KEY to successful targeted advertising online

As online sales continue to grow and companies like Amazon and other online retailers reshape the way people shop, business are left trying to find the most efficient way to target their advertising. If you are intimidated and confused by the changing landscape of advertising on social media and search engines you’ve got to listen to Tony’s guest on this episode. Jos Aguiar has built a business around helping leaders like you understand how to best reach your customer base through online advertising. Jos’ key advice, when faced with all the daunting changes, is to remain patient. To hear Jos expand on this advice and more, make sure to listen to this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged today!

Don’t be afraid to be picky in life and business

Everyone has those difficult people in their life. Maybe it’s a client, or a family member, or a neighbor. How do you deal with difficult people? Do you avoid them? Jos Aguiar has learned over the years that being “Picky” with people he lets into his life and business can make all the difference. He encourages leaders to be cautious and picky even with their clients, if possible. Jos is convinced that if he doesn’t want to spend time with a client after work hours, why let them into his life during work hours? His approach is unconventional but Jos has found great joy and success by guarding his social circle with this philosophy. Learn more about Jos’ journey on this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged.

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Finding Success in Failing Forward

A new popular concept in startup and entrepreneurial circles is the idea of “Failing Forward.” This the idea that you can learn from and even find success through the process of failing. Business leader and innovator Jos Aguiar talks about this concept on this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged. He encourages leaders to go out there and take action, mistakes will come but that is because you are taking risks and creating momentum. Jos is passionate about the freedom he’s experienced by refusing to be afraid of making mistakes. You can find that freedom too when you embrace authenticity and continue to learn from successful examples like Jos.

Can you really achieve anything you put your mind to?

You’ve heard the saying, “You can achieve anything you as long as you put your mind to it.” Is that true? Is ANYTHING possible? Jos Aguiar has held on to this wisdom and it has served him well on his journey of success. He first heard this advice from his father. But Jos didn’t just take it as an empty platitude. He went to work with the idea that in order to achieve the results he wants to see in life his mind has to be engaged but so does his hands. Jos firmly believes in the combination of positive and determined thinking alongside relentless and enduring hard work. Hear more about what motivates and drives a young professional like Jos on this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged!

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  • [1:10] Tony’s guest today; Jos Aguiar
  • [2:00] Jos’ story the cliff notes version.
  • [5:30] What does Jos’ typical day look like?
  • [7:10] What are some of the things Jos has learned about the changing world?
  • [9:10] This is what Jos is known for.
  • [10:30] How people open up to Jos.
  • [15:10] What does Jos love to do outside of work?
  • [18:10] Tony and Jos talk about their connection with Ed O’Keefe
  • [19:10] Integrating family life and success as an entrepreneur.
  • [25:00] Jos talks about the role of mentorship in his life.
  • [27:30] Where do people go to connect with Jos?
  • [29:05] What is the greatest piece of advice that Jos has received?
  • [30:20] Jos’ advice to entrepreneurs.



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