#66 Dov Baron Personal Growth and Transformation

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How do you cultivate personal growth and transformation? Is it some kind of mountain top experience? Is it knowledge based or experience based? The answer will be different for each person. Dov Baron has experienced true personal growth. He has a powerful story to tell that has shaped who he has become today. On this episode, Dov talks about his own journey of transformation, how to develop authenticity, how to capitalize on pivotal moments in life, how to find self worth, and much more! Don’t miss Dov’s valuable life lessons on this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged!

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What is so great about authenticity?

Authenticity has become a buzzword in our culture. There is very good reason for this recent rise and success for the concept of authenticity. It grabs people, it feels real, everyone can relate to it. What place does authenticity have in the business world? Men and women are craving for their leaders to display authenticity and vulnerability. When done well, displaying these values earns leaders credibility and trust. More importantly, displaying authenticity and vulnerability as a leader can inspire those values in others which leads to a healthy work environment. Dov Baron speaks highly of the impact of these values. It has touched his own life and he has seen it shape the lives of high capacity business leaders the world over. Listen to Dov speak about the power of authenticity and vulnerability on this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged.

The danger of being satisfied with “Aha Moments”

Everyone will experience an “Aha moment” in 2017. These are the moments that come, both big and small to provide insight. Dov Baron teaches that there is a danger of becoming satisfied with these “Aha moments.” He teaches that these moments can be helpful and productive but people can start to use them as “Bragging rights.” Dov wants to help others push past that impulse and to look for what he calls “Pivotal moments and choice moments.” Identifying and understanding these moments have been key to Dov’s personal breakthrough and transformation. Listen to this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged to hear more from Dov and his amazing insights!

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Uncovering the diamond you have buried within

It has been said that “Hurt people, hurt people. But it is also true that free people, free people.” Dov Baron is on a mission to free people from the wounds and baggage they carry around in life. He has his eyes set on the “Diamond within everyone.” Dov teaches that everyone needs to uncover their own value and worth under all the layers of garbage that life has thrown in the way. He also teaches that everyone needs to see the “Diamond” in the people around them. Listening to Dov speak on this important truth can be life changing! Don’t miss this powerful episode with Dov Baron on Entrepreneur Unplugged.

Legacy. What will you leave behind?

Most people think about the positive legacy they will leave behind after they die. Dov Baron looks at legacy from a different angle. He asks, “What is the one thing you are afraid people will say about you when you die?” Dov asks this question to provoke people’s fears and to get them to think boldly about what they are really living for. Take that question and write it down, stick it on your mirror or in your car. Let 2017 be the year where you make huge strides to change your life for the better. Dov has great insight and wisdom from his years of coaching and he wants to share that insight with as many people as possible. Don’t miss this eye opening episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged!

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  • [1:08] Tony’s guest today: Dov Baron – Speaker, Mentor, Author, Corporate Trainer
  • [1:59] Dov tells his story, the cliff notes version.
  • [3:07] Surviving a fall 19 stories from a mountain top.
  • [7:49] What was Dov like when he was younger?
  • [10:58] How did Dov go from an artistic bent as a kid to the business world?
  • [13:36] How do you help people get real and authentic?
  • [24:20] Where does Dov find joy?
  • [26:51] Dov talks about his podcast – Leadership and Loyalty.
  • [30:28] The danger of being satisfied with “Aha Moments”
  • [40:00] The key wisdom Dov has been waiting to share.
  • [43:44] How to connect with Dov.



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