Episode 059 – Julie Broad – Personal Branding and Following Your Dreams to Success!

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Julie Broad would be the first to tell you that personal branding wasn’t on her radar when she started out as a reluctant saleswoman. As an introvert, she found out quickly that working in sales was going to be tough. But Julie didn’t quit, she adapted. Before too long, she found a way to be successful in a high octane, high energy, go get em’ industry like real estate investing. Follow Julie’s journey from sales to real estate investment to personal branding. She wants to share the wisdom she’s gained from her years of experience to help others thrive and succeed. Don’t miss this inspiring episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged!

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Is Financial Success the Ultimate Goal?

Julie and her husband Dave were living the dream. They found significant success in the world of real estate investment. As their portfolio expanded and they took on bigger and more exciting projects they realized something was missing. One evening talking at their kitchen table Julie and Dave discovered what truly mattered. This conversation put them on a course to move to another country and start working in a completely new industry. It can take most people a lifetime to uncover the hard truth that Julie and Dave found that evening. If you aren’t living a life you are excited about, it doesn’t have meaning. Hear more about their motivational story on this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged!

Let Your Personality Shine Through

Julie Broad has authored two books and learned powerful lessons along the way. She discovered that letting your personality shine through is the best way to stand out from the other voices in the crowd. If you aren’t letting your personality with all its positives and negatives come through, you are just another voice that sounds the same. She admits that this prospect is scary. But Julie is convinced that it can make all the difference. Don’t miss this engaging episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged to hear more from Julie.

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Two Effective Ways to Approach Sales

Over her many years of experience, Julie Broad has discovered two highly effective ways to succeed in sales. Rather than approaching the sale as a battle to be won Julie suggests approaching the sale as an opportunity to serve the client. She emphasizes that coming into the situation with an attitude of service communicates to the client that you are there to help them succeed above all else. Julie also found that effective marketing and personal branding goes a long way. She suggests that you use every tool at your disposal to ensure that the client knows who you are and what you have to offer before you even sit down. Hear more about how to succeed using these approaches on this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged.

The MAGIC Formula for Personal Branding

One of the powerful tools Julie has learned and developed over her years in sales and real estate marketing is the MAGIC formula for personal branding.

  • Message – Develop a clear and consistent message to present to clients and network partners.
  • Appearance – What makes you feel confident? Dress to impress.
  • Google Results – Do you know what shows up when you Google your name?
  • I am an expert in ______. Focus on a niche. Become the “go to person” in your city for that ONE thing.
  • Character – Your brand should be aligned with your personal values and really reflect your personality.

Listen to this exciting episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged to hear more from Julie and how this formula has helped her!

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  • [1:15] Tony’s guest today: Julie Broad – Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, and Author.
  • [2:08] Julie’s story: from reluctant saleswoman to Real Estate Investing and more!
  • [4:55] Julie talks about her family’s move from Canada to LA.
  • [6:17] How to get out of the “rat race” and do what you LOVE.
  • [9:53] Julie discuss her journey as an author.
  • [12:40] Why finding the “real you” matters.
  • [16:03] Two ways to approach selling that works.
  • [18:05] Does everyone need a personal brand?
  • [19:14] The Brand Magic Formula.
  • [22:26] Some fun off the hip questions for Julie.
  • [25:26] Where to connect with Julie and some closing words of wisdom.


Julie’s website: http://havemoreinfluence.com/

Julie’s Twitter page: https://twitter.com/thejuliebroad

Julie’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/revnyou

Julie’s book: More Than Cashflow

Julie’s book: The New Brand You

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