Episode 058 – Dan Kuschell – Cornerstones to Personal Development and Success

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On the road to success, there are a multitude of strategies and formulas that vie for your attention. As you wade through the thicket of options, one critical area that often gets overlooked is personal development. You might say something like “I’ll get around to reading that book, taking that evaluation, or finding a coach.” Before too long, time has rushed by and you wonder why you haven’t experienced the level of success you had expected. On this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged, Tony sits down with Dan Kuschell, a professional Business Growth Specialist. He’s uncovered the cornerstones of personal development which have resulted in exponential success. Dan wants to share these solutions with listeners like you! Grab a pen and paper and get ready for some powerful insights!

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From humble beginnings to personal growth and success!

Dan Kuschell grew up in the inner city of Detroit, where he watched his father work on the auto manufacturing lines. Growing up in a blue-collar working family and seeing his father deal with multiple layoffs left a significant impression on Dan as a kid that echoed into adulthood. He resolved to pursue a path where he had direct control of his future, not subject to the rise and fall of a big corporation. This led Dan to embark on his journey of personal development. From that young age Dan was exposed to the power of a positive mental attitude. He is convinced that the lessons he has learned along the way have the power to help men and women achieve significant growth and success. Don’t miss this POWERFUL episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged!

Three questions that could change EVERYTHING!  

Laying on a hospital bed, facing a life or death heart procedure, Dan Kuschell had a wake-up call. After a successful operation, Dan forced himself to get real and deal with some hard decisions. One of the “ah-ha” moments for Dan happened when he heard a leader from Genius Network, Joe Polish share this quote, “In order to have a breakthrough you have to be willing to break something, you have to be willing to destroy anything that is not excellent.” From that moment on Dan was determined to zero in on personal development. One vital element to pursuing personal development that Dan discovered was coaching. Once he gathered the right people around him Dan grew both personally and professionally by leaps and bounds. Through this growth process, Dan discovered three key questions that can help you unlock your personal development. Listen to this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged to hear more about Dan’s journey and the three questions he discovered that could change EVERYTHING!

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Why did you get out of bed this morning?

On this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged, Tony, and his guest Dan Kuschell discuss a simple but important question, “Why did you get out of bed this morning?” Dan shares three layers of the “Drivers of Desire” and how getting to the bottom of these can help you discover what really matters. To drive the point home, Dan asks the question another way, “What charges you up?” Dan has uncovered his answer to this question and it has drastically changed the way he conducts himself in his business and personal life. It’s gut check time, are you ready? Don’t miss his inspiring story and depths of wisdom that Dan brings!

Is there more to life than the pursuit of success?

Over the years, Dan Kuschell has reached the heights of personal and business success. Through all the ups and downs of that journey, Dan found himself asking, “Is there more to life than the pursuit of success?” Dan isn’t the only person to ask that question. Many men and women over the centuries have wondered the same thing. His answer to this question came as he looked back on an encounter he had years ago with Richard Branson. What Dan discovered could be the insight you’ve been looking for. Listen to this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged to hear more about Dan’s encounter and what he’s learned along the way.  

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  • [1:24] Tony’s guest today: Dan Kuschell – Dad, Thought Leader, Humanitarian, Angel Investor, and Business Growth Specialist.
  • [3:15] Dan’s story: pursuing success – from a blue collar family to life as an entrepreneur
  • [10:45] Success isn’t a straight line, it’s a journey.   
  • [12:41] Coaching helped Dan hone in on these three important questions.  
  • [16:24] Dan’s role in his business – two words.
  • [18:34] What motivated Dan to get out of bed this morning.
  • [21:16] Finding the thing that charges you up.
  • [23:35] Savoring the moment.
  • [27:54] Dan’s success as an author.
  • [32:18] Tony talks about the Genius Network.
  • [34:07] How to get in touch with Dan and his content.  
  • [35:03] The one piece of wisdom Dan wants to give.


Dan’s show: www.growthtofreedom.com

Dan’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dankuschell

Dan’s Twitter page: https://twitter.com/dan_kuschell

The Genius Network: www.geniusnetwork.com

Michael Fishman’s video “Driver’s of Desire”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HPos8W1sj0

Dean Jackson: www.90minutebook.com


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