Episode 057 – Tommie Powers – Pursuing Success, Work Life Balance, and Casting Vision

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tommie-powers - work life balance

How do you tackle a healthy work life balance and pursue success when it feels impossible? On today’s episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged, Tony sits down with a guest who has been through difficult times and made it out on the other end with renewed drive and determination. Tommie Powers shares about dropping out of the NASA grant program, his battle with congestive heart failure, finding success with internet marketing, and so much more! Be prepared for some powerful lessons that will make you rethink what success really looks like.

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Striving for success, faced with death, and coming out on top: Tommie Powers’ story

Tommie has always been a numbers guy, he started going through the NASA grant program while in college but soon dropped out. Trying to find his way down the path to success, Tommie found himself faced with a life threatening situation; congestive heart failure. Tommie talks about that dark time, wanting to give up, and hitting rock bottom – but he doesn’t stop there. He tells how he found his way on the road to recovery, hope, and got back on the path toward success. Don’t miss out on this inspiring story in this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged!

Searching for a healthy work life balance, is it even possible?

What does success look like? Many have traveled down the path of success only to find loneliness and broken relationships. You have heard it before, work and family life, it’s important that you find a way to strike the balance. Drive and ambition can seem like competitors to cultivating rich and meaningful relationships with those you love. What does it look like to pursue success and still have a healthy family life? The answer may surprise you. Listen in on today’s episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged as Tommie Powers lets you in on how he’s managed this difficult feat.  

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Is personal growth as important as business growth?

There are a few key ingredients necessary for success, one of those ingredients is growth. While you might be quick to focus on financial progress, when it comes to personal growth, it can be taken for granted or viewed as something that’s inevitable. Is that really the case, does growth “just happen?” Entrepreneurs and leaders, you need to look at growth, not just when it comes to the bottom line. Personally, how are you progressing? On this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged, Tommie Powers has some important lessons to share about what it means to press into growth and adapt to new ideas and new information.

What does vision have to do with success?

An old proverb says “where there is no vision, people perish”. Vision is what sets entrepreneurs and leaders apart. You know the long list of the great leaders who possessed it, guys like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and many others. What does is look like to have a robust vision for your life and your business that captures people? The truth of the matter is, either you cast a vision that is compelling or you find yourself following someone else’s vision. Which category do you find yourself in today? Listen to this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged as Tony’s guest, Tommie Powers speaks from his experience of success and finding a powerful vision.  

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  • [1:21] Tony’s guest today: Tommie Powers an entrepreneur, family man, numbers guy and go getter.   
  • [2:38] Tommie’s story: pursuing success – from computer engineering in the NASA space grant program to internet marketing.
  • [5:22] How Tommie struggled with and persevered through his battle with congestive heart failure.  
  • [9:34] How did Tommie deal with the family angle, how was he able to bring his wife along with his vision?  
  • [11:37] Tommie talks about what it’s like being a father as an entrepreneur.
  • [14:30] What is Tommie working, what is he up to currently?
  • [17:37] These are the five people that inspire Tommie the most.
  • [21:47] Tommie’s biggest struggle.
  • [23:34] Tommie’s biggest strength.
  • [25:49] How do you develop a vision?
  • [33:16] Tommie’s words of wisdom.  
  • [35:18] The best way to connect with Tommie.


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Striving for #success, faced with #death, and coming out on top: Tommie Powers’ story… Click To Tweet Is #PersonalGrowth as important as #BusinessGrowth? http://tonygshow.com/57 Click To Tweet


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