Episode 056 – Craig Ballantyne – Lessons on Business Success, Productivity, and Routine

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have someone with world class talent and success let you in on how they got there? On today’s episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged, Tony introduces a guest that will give you a peek into where he’s been and what he’s learned on the road to success. Craig Ballantyne shares nuggets of wisdom about his journey as an author, strength and fitness coach, and business owner. He covers lessons on success, productivity, and routine among other topics. Don’t forget to grab a pen and paper as Craig brings a wealth of wisdom!

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From stress and anxiety to routine and productivity: Craig Ballantyne’s story

In 2006, Craig Ballantyne was on his way up – a successful writer and strength and fitness coach when he ran into an obstacle called anxiety. While working through this trial of anxiety, Craig wrote about his experience. He has since compiled these writings into his book, “The Perfect Day Formula”. This book, based on stoic philosophy is a great help to hone in on what matters. Craig talks about identifying the things in life that you can’t control and focus on the things you can. Listen in as Tony asks Craig what his routine looks like, what wisdom he has learned along the way, and other lessons that have led to his success.

The necessity of setting goals and getting help

Craig Ballantyne would be the first to admit that the level of success he has obtained is because of the help he has received. In 2001 Craig came across “Early to Rise”,  an online resource to help business leaders like him. Because of this timely assistance in his own journey, Craig has a deep passion for coaching fellow business leaders along their path to success. This eventually led Craig to purchase “Early to Rise” in 2011 and shows just how much he wants people to learn from his success and the lessons he’s learned. Listen in to find out how he achieved his goals and got the help he needed.

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What do you want your legacy to be?  

Legacy is often something we talk about only after someone has passed away. On today’s episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged, Tony asks Craig Ballantyne, a successful business owner, author, and strength and fitness coach what legacy he would like to leave behind. Craig’s answer is profound and gives a great window into the life he lives and the values his company embodies. It’s not every day you get to listen in on how someone so successful would like to be remembered. You won’t want to miss it!

TWO great tips from a successful business owner   

Tony talks to Craig Ballantyne, a successful business owner about TWO important tips that he wants all business leaders to hear. The first lesson Craig gives is from his own journey as he discusses his #1 business mistake and how you can learn from it. The second suggestion Craig gives will help you in your day to day. He wants everyone to be as productive as they can – this suggestion will help you get started on the path to productivity right away! Listen in on today’s episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged as Craig gives these helpful tips on how to succeed.

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  • [1:16] Tony’s guest today: Craig Ballantyne – strength and fitness coach, author, and business owner.
  • [2:08] Craig’s story: the journey toward success.
  • [3:52] “Ah ha moments” in the process of writing his book “The Perfect Day Formula”. 
  • [5:58] What do Craig’s mornings look like? How find that “magic time”.  
  • [10:29] Tony share a bit about the journey he has been on lately.
  • [11:35] Craig talks about his journey with “Early to Rise”.
  • [14:52] The next five year plan for Craig and “Early to Rise”.
  • [17:22] The legacy Craig wants to leave behind.
  • [19:32] Craig talks about coaching and his efforts toward helping people with their online business.
  • [22:29] How does Craig unwind? What relaxes him?
  • [24:07] The one book Craig carries around with him.
  • [25:37] Craig’s #1 biggest business mistake.
  • [27:16] The best way to connect with Craig.
  • [27:31] The most important thing people can do tomorrow to become more productive.



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From #stress and #anxiety to #routine and #productivity: Craig Ballantyne’s story on this… Click To Tweet

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