Episode 043 – Joshua Latimer – Customer Relationships: The Key To Ongoing Success

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Joshua Latimer

Customer relationships last far beyond the sale.

As a business owner you’ve got to know that. Don’t misunderstand, the sale is a great turning point in your relationship with your customer but it’s just the beginning. It’s your job as a business owner to figure out exactly how you’re going to nurture that relationship long term. When you’re able to do that, to show care and concern for them as they grow their business or build their life, you’re going to build more than a client base – you’re going to build loyalty. Today’s guest is Joshua Latimer, the creator of an amazing new piece of software called SendJim. It helps you follow up with your customers regularly so you continue to nurture that relationship over the years. Find out how Josh’s software could help you with customer relationship management, on this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged.

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Niche service – high margins – repeat service.

When Joshua Latimer got started in business he learned really quickly that there are only a few things that really matter when it comes to choosing a business model that can turn a profit quickly. It has to be a niche service that specializes in something people need. It has to have high margins, where profit is easy to make, and it has to be build on a need for the service to be repeated. When you have that, you have a recipe for success. It’s up to you to figure out how to put the systems in place to fuel that success over the long haul. Josh has a lot to share on this episode about his business experience and the things he’s learned along the way, so be sure you listen.

The real value of any business is the lifetime relationships.

The relationships you have with your customers is of paramount importance. That’s because their value goes far beyond one transaction, it is calculated on the lifetime value of them as a customer. Joshua Latimer saw that to be true and immediately started to work on a way to help business owners nurture their customer relationships over the long haul so that the security of their client base is solidified with every touch they make. Find out how Josh has created SendJim to help busy business owners keep the relationships with their customers alive and thriving, on this episode.

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Multiple touches required.

Once you’ve made the sale you’ve got to continue the relationship with your customers. They appreciate what you’ve done for them in meeting the need that originally struck up the relationship, but they’ll forget about how valuable it was over time if you are not consistently connecting with them. Every customer requires multiple touches, multiple connections with the business each month in order for the value of your service/product to remain top of mind for them. Find out how Joshua Latimer has created an iPhone app to help you make that a reality, on this episode.

One of the biggest holes in any business bucket is nurturing customer relationships.

Imagine your business is a bucket. Your goal is to fill it up with revenue month to month, growing it as you are able. But every bucket has holes in it that the business owner is continually trying to plug. One of the biggest holes in any business bucket is customer relationships. It’s easy to seal the deal and then treat your customers as if they are a commodity. But your bucket will go bone dry if that’s your approach. You’ve got to keep in touch with your customers regularly, showing concern for the ongoing issues they deal with in business if you’re going to be in relationship with them over the long haul. On this episode, you’ll hear Joshua Latimer share how he’s making that possible for businesses, so set aside some time to hear what he’s up to.

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  • [1:17] Tony’s introduction of Joshua Latimer.
  • [2:27] Joshua’s current situation in life and business and how he got there.
  • [3:56] Starting a window cleaning business and the decision to sell it.
  • [5:58] What Joshua is doing now – an app business that provides follow ups to customers.
  • [12:03] How Joshua created SendJim for himself first of all.
  • [14:57] The type of businesses and size businesses that can use the app.
  • [16:56] The biggest struggle: working with a team that’s all over the world.
  • [17:59] The things Joshua is discovering as he grows his business.
  • [20:27] Industries where SendJim works really well.
  • [22:20] What Joshua struggles with as a business owner right now.
  • [24:57] Why it doesn’t make sense to wait to release until perfection arrives.
  • [26:00] The mentors in Joshua’s life right now.
  • [30:15] The new platform: Automate Josh.
  • [31:07] The measure of success in our lives.


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