Episode 040 – Nehal Kazim –  Using Facebook for Business, Building A Tight Team, and Success In life.

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If you have ever wondered how to use Facebook for business in a way that really makes sense, today’s guest, Nehal Kazim, has built a very successful company doing just that for multiple clients. Amplifii has become one of the premiere companies creating Facebook Ad campaigns that really convert. But this interview is not just about the conversions – it’s about the young man behind the company and the success he’s seeing in business and in life. Get to know Nehal Kazim on this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged.

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Using Ads on Facebook is about more than keywords and niches.

If you’ve ever stumbled your way through the power editor dashboard for Facebook Ads you know that there are options – and more options – that allow you to drill down into a specific target demographic and display your campaigns to your ideal buyers. But if it were really that easy to figure out companies like Amplifii would not be around. Nehal Kazim and the team at Amplifii have learned the Facebook system and leverage that expertise to busy business owners and team members who need the exposure an effective campaign can bring but don’t have the time to figure it all out for themselves. On this episode you’re going to hear how Nehal has created systems that work and how they’ve become so successful at it that they are able to

Taking care of the team comes first.

Any business that reaches the level of success of Amplifii requires a well trained and caring team of people. But those people are not automatons… they need care and respect from their leaders. Nehal Kazim shares how his team has become one of the central points of his focus as he’s built his Facebook Ads business to a very successful point. The community they enjoy together is a large part of what he attributes the overall success of the company, and on this episode you’ll get to hear how he’s gone about fostering that incredible community.

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A successful business doesn’t automatically translate into a happy life.

Nehal Kazim has learned the hard way that all the business success in the world doesn’t necessarily mean that happiness will follow. His business, Amplifii, provides a marketing service that specializes in Facebook Ad campaigns, and the business has been super successful. But his own growth parallels that of the business – growing pains and all. On this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged Nehal shares the lessons he’s learned about himself and that happiness is his own responsibility and choice. Be sure you take time to listen to this engaging conversation.

As an entrepreneur you need people who care about you.

It should go without saying, and it may sound like a “duh” kind of statement, but without a strong support system of people who care about you as a person and who want to see you grow, you’ll die on the vine of entrepreneurism. Nehal Kazim has discovered that one of the most important things he’s got to focus on right now is arranging his life so that he’s fostering and engaged in ONLY supportive relationships. He’s actively ridding himself of those relationships that weigh him down or discourage him and is finding that his life is ultimately happier as a result. You can hear his advice for entrepreneurs on this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged.

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  • [1:15] Tony’s introduction of his friend, Nehal.
  • [2:43] What Nehal is working on presently.
  • [4:32] The things that make Nehal happy.
  • [5:24] The things that once held Nehal back in business and in life.
  • [7:14] Life for Nehal compared to how it used to be and three key areas he works on daily.
  • [9:35] The things that make Nehal cry and the things that make him laugh.
  • [12:20] The main focus of Nehal’s business: Amplifii.
  • [13:50] The missing pieces businesses need in order to do better at social media.
  • [16:48] Tools Nehal has found to help him find ideal clients who fit his business.
  • [19:10] The biggest challenges Nehal has run into running a remote business.
  • [22:00] The power of taking care of the team first.
  • [23:15] Intentionally working on the things that scare him.
  • [26:14] Future plans and how Nehal is deciding what he’s going to do next.
  • [27:57] How Nehal can be reached.
  • [28:24] Nehal’s best advice for up and coming entrepreneurs.

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