#30 Vinnie Fisher Embracing the CEO’s Mindset

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A lawyer by trade, Vinnie Fisher has seen much success in his previous career. He transitioned to entrepreneurship in 2007 because he knew in his heart it was the right path for him. Today, Vinnie is at the helm of several hugely successful businesses, including Fully Accountable and The Total CEO. He’s also written 2 books: The CEO’s Mindset and The Best Investment: A Better You. Vinnie also happens to be Tony’s mentor. Throughout today’s chat, Vinnie shares insight into his transition from lawyer to entrepreneur, along with insight into mastermind groups, service, and the thing he’s most thankful for.

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Going from lawyer to entrepreneur.

For Vinnie, it was always clear that he was cut from a different cloth than most people around him. In jobs dating back to high school, Vinnie would find different, more efficient ways of doing things. Throughout college, it became more evident that Vinnie wasn’t like everyone else. He could no longer ignore the signs pointing him to entrepreneurship; so in 2007, Vinnie left his successful career as a lawyer to follow what he believed was his true path. He embraced the entrepreneurial path and quickly felt at home. In the years since starting his first business, Vinnie has seen much success in building success. So much so, he works to inspire other entrepreneurs to do the same through his business, The Total CEO.

The secret to a successful mastermind group.

At the core of everything Vinnie does is one simple principle: service. He focuses in being of service to others in all that he does. Vinnie discusses his belief that, as entrepreneurs, we are the heartbeats of our business. He shares insight into why he created his mastermind group as well as why it’s important to surround yourself with like-minded people. Vinnie talks about the 4 core principles of a successful mastermind and why he believes it helps so many entrepreneurs focus on what matters most for their business. Vinnie also discusses why he stays true to his purpose and his mission in all that he does.

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The key to getting through hard work is accepting that you have to do it.

Being an entrepreneur is hard – there’s no doubt about that. Vinnie talks about his mindset around hard things and how he gets through them. The entrepreneurial path isn’t for everyone, but if you choose to follow it, you must understand how to embrace hard work. He also shares the things that keep him up at night, including always wanting to do well in all that he does. Vinnie talks about his business, Fully Accountable, including their mission and focus. He shares the purpose behind Fully Accountable and why he believes it makes such a difference for small businesses.

Focusing on gratitude and service.

As they close out their chat, Vinnie shares with Tony the thing for which he is most thankful: his relationship with Christ. He talks about why it informs and shapes everything around him, as well as why it’s so important to his role as a father. As the father to 4 amazing kids and a husband of 21 years, it’s clear Vinnie maintains focus on what matters most. In closing, Vinnie shares some awesome freebies exclusive to the Entrepreneur Unplugged audience. Get yours by following the link below.

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  • [1:18] Tony G’s introduction of today’s guest, Vinnie Fisher.
  • [2:46] How Vinnie got to where he is today.
  • [5:39] What Vinnie’s doing now with his mastermind group.
  • [9:59] The methodology behind what you bring to your mastermind.
  • [12:05] Vinnie’s alignment with purpose.
  • [13:18] A change in perspective.
  • [14:37] Vinnie’s biggest takeaway from when he first started his business to today.
  • [16:22] What’s your biggest fear around business today?
  • [18:47] How to overcome challenges.
  • [21:21] What inspired you to leave law and follow the path you’re on?
  • [24:02] What keeps you up at night?
  • [26:04] If you had to pick a sport to play and watch, what would it be?
  • [28:19] Vinnie explains Fully Accountable.
  • [30:55] What’s your biggest joy besides being a father to 4 amazing kids?
  • [32:46] Vinnie’s final thoughts.
  • [34:57] How to connect with Vinnie and how to get his books.


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