Episode 038 – Jim Palmer – The Consistency and Persistency of Success

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Jim Palmer is an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and author of 6 books. In this chat with Tony G., Jim shares his journey from unemployed to entrepreneur. He discusses the low points, the successes, and the lessons learned along the way. Jim shares insight into how he found the courage to start his own business after 15 months of unemployment and a cancer scare. He also discusses his coaching business, his passion for giving back, and how he created freedom for himself and his family.

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From unemployed to entrepreneur.

Jim was unemployed for 15 months. During this trying time, he also faced a battle with cancer. To say this was a low point for Jim would be an understatement, but his resilience allowed him to take the plunge into entrepreneurship in 2001. He discusses the transition from unemployment to entrepreneurship. In just 5 years, Jim was the head of a multiple 6 figure business, but found himself with little time for anything outside the business. That led him to start several other businesses, including his hugely successful coaching business, Dream Biz Coaching.

Building your ideal dream business.

For Jim, coaching unlocked the key to his happiness and success. The opportunity to help other business owners thrive would prove to be deeply rewarding and would also afford Jim more freedom. Jim discusses his definition of the “Ideal Dream Business”, including a core element: your business allows you to give back and make a difference in the lives of others. He goes on to discuss his view of going into business with friends. Jim also shares insight into the mission of Dream Biz Coaching and why he loves helping people create the kind of growth they want for their business.

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The biggest lessons along the way.

In working with businesses, Jim has the ability to help them avoid many common mistakes business owners make today. He discusses some of those mistakes and struggles, including the failure to make quick decisions and fear. Jim talks about life outside the businesses and some of the adventures he goes on with his wife. He discusses grandkids, travel, and what it’s like to have his daughter follow in his footsteps as an entrepreneur. Jim talks about the people who had the biggest impact on him, his mentor Dan Kennedy and his father. He shares the best piece of advice given by each of them, as well as how they influenced him as an entrepreneur.

You will earn significantly more income for who you are than for what you do.

As they close out their chat, Tony and Jim discuss the power of connecting with who you are in order to truly stand out as an entrepreneur. Jim shares the value of being seen as the expert in your field and why that’s the key to success in today’s market. He also gives insight into what he sees as his greatest weakness and how he’s working to overcome it. In closing, Jim shares a final piece of advice for entrepreneurs: success is about consistency and persistency.

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  • [1:34] Tony G’s introduction of today’s guest, Jim Palmer
  • [2:25] Jim’s story and where he is today.
  • [3:37] The low point of being unemployed for 15 months.
  • [5:10] What is the ideal dream business?
  • [6:19] Jim’s opinion of going into business with friends.
  • [8:03] What are the biggest struggles you see business owners facing today?
  • [9:28] What are some things you’re doing today to help business owners?
  • [11:04] What is life like outside of the business?
  • [14:56] Some of the places Jim has traveled around the world.
  • [16:29] What’s life like when you slow down and spend time with your wife?
  • [20:33] Who’s had the biggest impact on your life?
  • [21:46] The greatest lesson Jim learned from his mentor.
  • [23:27] Jim’s biggest weakness.
  • [24:29] What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
  • [25:22] How to connect with Jim.



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