Episode 037 – Justin Christianson – Striving for Continuous Improvement

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Justin Christianson is the co-founder Conversion Fanatics, a successful digital marketing company specializing in conversion rate optimization services. Justin grew up in rural North Dakota in a farming community and learned at an early age the value of entrepreneurship. After working as an electrician after high school, Justin began to embrace marketing as a viable income stream and found himself drawn to the digital marketing space. From time spent working in network marketing to eventually founding Conversion Fanatics with his partner Manish, Justin has overcome his share of obstacles. In this chat with Tony G., Justin shares everything from how to deal with self-doubt to marketing tips you can implement in your own business.

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Embracing his entrepreneurial spirit.

From an early age, Justin was drawn to entrepreneurship. It was until he discovered network marketing that Justin began to understand the value of pursuing this passion. He discusses the process of founding Conversion Fanatics and why they ended up starting the company to meet an existing demand in the market. Justin’s passion for getting it done, combined with his partner’s expertise in systems and processing made for the perfect combination. Their optimization services quickly grew and the company took off quickly. Justin discusses the success of Conversion Fanatics, along with some of the obstacles they’ve faced along the way.

The role of networking in spreading the word.

Justin discusses how they’ve managed to spread the word about Conversion Fanatics and continue to attract new customers. Hint: they don’t use traditional advertising. The team instead opts for networking, speaking gigs, and knocking on virtual doors in order to make those all-important connections. Justin shares why traditional advertising simply doesn’t work for them and how they found their way to the right formula to support their continued growth. He goes on to share what’s on the horizon for Conversion Fanatics, including a discussion about podcasting. Justin shares a glimpse into the most adventurous time in his life, when he was a rodeo bull rider. He also discusses his greatest sources of joy in life, and how he manages to balance it all.

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Writing a best-selling book and maintaining balance.

Justin’s book, Conversion Fanatics: How to Double Your Customers, Sales and Profits with A/B Testing, wasn’t exactly an easy accomplishment. Justin shares what it was like to write a book and why it was important to him to get this message out there. He also offers a few tips for aspiring authors, including the value of finding a really great editor. Justin discusses the response to his book and why he wanted it to be a very actionable, tangible book. He also shares what he feels is coming up in the industry, and why he thinks optimization will continue to grow in popularity in the coming years.

Living your best life daily.

As they close out their chat, Justin offers insight into some of the obstacles he deals with, including dealing with self-doubt and worry. He discusses the role of meditation and exercise in dealing with those issues, as well as how he maintains structure and focus through his daily routine. Justin shares the greatest piece of wisdom he’s ever heard, courtesy of his mentor: live your best life daily. He also offers a marketing tip entrepreneurs can implement today to see a shift in their results. Justin’s final piece of advice: strive for continuous improvement.

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  • [1:22] Tony G.’s introduction of his guest, Justin Christianson.
  • [2:09] How Justin found his way into the digital marketing space.
  • [4:13] About Justin’s company, Conversion Fanatics.
  • [5:07] How did you come up with this concept for this company?
  • [6:40] How do you advertise your business?
  • [8:22] The role of podcasting in the future of his business.
  • [9:15] The most adventurous thing Justin has done thus far in his life.
  • [10:51] What brings you joy?
  • [11:52] The process of writing a book.
  • [13:06] Tips for aspiring authors.
  • [14:43] What’s big on the horizon for the business over the next couple of years?
  • [16:34] What do you do every single night to prepare for the next day?
  • [17:58] Dealing with self-doubt and worry.
  • [20:20] The greatest piece of wisdom you’ve ever heard.
  • [21:32] Some tips for entrepreneurs.
  • [24:24] Some of the biggest obstacles you’ve faced in your life.
  • [26:16] Another nugget from Justin.
  • [27:22] How to connect with Justin.


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