Episode 036 – Dr. Scot Gray – Finding Happiness in Helping Other Businesses Succeed

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Dr. Scot Gray has been through a lot to find success. He discovered his love for chiropractic treatment following an accident and college, and knew immediately that this was the path for him. From there, Scot worked to find success in the field, including a disappointing first attempt. After opening a small chiropractic practice with his brother, Scot would eventually take on the business on his own after the departure of his brother. It was during the early days of the practice that Scot first connected with marketing and found another passion. He discusses the success he had in marketing his practice and how that transitioned into the successful digital marketing business he runs today.

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Embracing marketing as the key to success.

When Scot and his brother first launched their small practice, they knew it would be essential to attract new clients. And so, Scot started studying marketing and found his niche. He read books to inspire him and found new ways to attract patients, which would lead to a small amount of success for the practice. 4 years in, his brother left the business. Scot was determined to make the practice work, so he continued to work with marketing techniques. He found incredible success through marketing and would eventually find himself being asked to help other practices succeed by providing marketing services. This led to the creation of a digital marketing business, which focuses on helping chiropractors and other service professionals succeed.

Discovering a talent for helping other chiropractors succeed.

Through his talent at marketing, Scot took his practice from a few hundred patients a month to 1400+ patients a month today. He realized just how passionate he was about helping others, and so he started to shift his focus from being hands on with patients to working with other chiropractors to help them gain traction and attract patients. His practice grew enough to allow Scot to hire associates to take care of patients and the day-to-day of the practice while he focused full time on the digital marketing business. For Scot, it was about helping others find happiness, and that’s what drives him each day.

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The transition from seeing patients to full time digital marketer.

Through the transition from full time chiropractor to full time digital marketer, Scot has found new levels of success in both ventures. He shares how this transition has allowed him to focus more on his staff and helping them grow into leaders. Scot also discusses how he maintains a connection with his staff and helps them grow, and the training he’s done to ensure the practice continues to flourish. Scot gives insight into his daily routine and how he manages to maintain balance with 2 booming business, and a growing family. He discusses the role of his mindset and how he finds a way to fit inspiration into his morning routine.

Don’t feel guilty about doing what you love.

In closing, Scot and Tony discuss some tips for entrepreneurs. Scot shares one of the biggest shifts for him, and why it’s so important to find the right people to study as you propel your business forward. He also shares the value of having the right attitude from the moment you wake up, and why you should never feel guilty about doing what you love. As they close out their chat, Scot talks about why he studies Walt Disney and how he’s the perfect example of ignoring the naysayers and going after your dreams.

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  • [1:17] Tony G.’s introduction of his guest, Dr. Scot Gray.
  • [3:24] Scot’s background and where he plans on taking his business in the future.
  • [9:37] What was your mindset when the guy you were studying with went under?
  • [14:10] How many patients does your office see each month?
  • [14:49] What’s it like to go from being face-to-face with the office to having a virtual team with your digital marketing business?
  • [18:30] What are some things you did to go from 500 patients a month to 1400 patients a month?
  • [21:23] Scot’s daily routine and how he maximizes his potential each day.
  • [25:19] How Scot maintains balance in order to have time with his family.
  • [27:34] Some tips for entrepreneurs that need some inspiration.
  • [38:35] What brings you happiness?
  • [39:25] How to connect with Scot.
  • [41:02] Scot’s closing thoughts.



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Personal Power by Tony Robbins

E-Myth by Michael Gerber

Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki



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