Episode 030 – Aaron Anastasi – Silencing Limiting Voices So You Can Hear the Voice of Your Dreams

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Aaron Anastasi has worked hard to create a life of freedom, service, and success. He’s a successful author with a newly released book called “The Voice of Your Dreams”. Aaron’s also a singer, coach, mentor, and much more. His passion for serving others shines through in everything he does and says. Aaron considers himself a serial entrepreneur, with online businesses including Superior Singing Method and Superior Songwriting Method. Today, Aaron is passionately pursuing his dreams and facing his fears in order to find his next big breakthrough.

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Going from mediocre student to theological scholar.

As a high school student, Aaron wasn’t what you’d call a “good student”. In fact, Aaron confesses he only cared about singing and surfing when he was in school. He was resigned to being a bad student and figured that was something that would never change. But, that did change when he had a major breakthrough early in his college career. It came in the form of reading part of a Tony Robbins book followed by the book “The Road Less Traveled” by Scott Peck. Aaron discusses why this book led to him becoming an outstanding student, who eventually attended Princeton to study theology, psychology, and philosophy.

How do you silence limiting voices?

Aaron’s newly released book, “The Voice of your Dreams” is all about learning to silence limiting voices so you can hear the voice of your dreams. Aaron discusses the fact that we all have limiting voices – and shares what it’s like to deal with those voices still, even after so much success. Aaron shares a tip that helps him silence those voices so he’s able to focus on what really matters, his dreams. He also offers insight into some questions he asks himself when he’s battling those voices: Why are you holding onto this thought? What behaviors are associated with that? Why would you entertain that thought? What is it costing me to hold onto this thought? In light of this, what would you like to create?

The value of establishing a morning routine in making a life shift, on this episode of The #Entrepreneur Unplugged Click To Tweet

The role of a morning routine in making a huge life shift.

As they continue their chat, Tony G. and Aaron talk about how a routine can truly make a shift in your mindset and therefore your life. Aaron discusses his morning routine and how it’s impacted his life. He shares the value of injecting positivity into your day – especially in the morning – and why you need to focus on self care as part of your routine. Aaron talks about the impact his routine has had on his life (hint: it’s been huge). It’s all about the choice to change the structure of your life, according to Aaron.

Moving into fear in order to find your next breakthrough.

Tony G. and Aaron close out their chat by talking about Aaron’s biggest fear and why it’s important to embrace your fear in order to keep moving forward. Aaron discusses why he’s learned to lean into fear and how it can truly lead to your next big breakthrough. His goal of having a successful acting career is “terrifying” and that’s why Aaron knows he must continue to pursue it. It’s clear Aaron is a success. It’s also clear that he understands the most important part of his success: being of service to others. According to Aaron, the more he serves people, the better his life becomes.

Embracing fear as you seek a major breakthrough, on this episode of The #Entrepreneur Unplugged Click To Tweet


  • [1:14] Tony G.’s introduction of his guest, Aaron Anastasi.
  • [2:18] Aaron’s background and how he got to where he is today.
  • [3:22] What kind of student were you?
  • [4:39] What specifically inspired you about the Tony Robbins book?
  • [5:55] Aaron’s college experience.
  • [9:38] When you’re coaching clients, is there a tip or a tool that is helpful that you could share?
  • [12:41] What’s one big thing that scares you that you need to do to take things to the next level?
  • [15:52] The value of enlisting help as your business grows.
  • [16:41] What are your conversations with yourself like today versus what they were like back in college?
  • [20:22] Do you have a specific routine you follow?
  • [22:24] How have these routines influenced your life?
  • [26:45] What’s your biggest fear that you haven’t tackled yet?
  • [28:32] What would be your ideal movie role?
  • [32:03] How to connect with Aaron.  


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Moving from mediocre student to #theological #scholar, on this episode of The #Entrepreneur Unplugged Click To Tweet


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