Episode 028 – Mike Murphy – Lifestyle Design Hacking: Building a Life and Business You Love

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Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy is no stranger to paying his dues. After spending 18 years as a “cubicle slave”, Mike realized it was time to make some changes in order to gain time, freedom, and financial control. After starting a business that didn’t quite flourish, Mike connected with his purpose and founded a marketing company and eventually started coaching others who were ready to redesign their lives. Today, Mike runs Hero Theory Coaching, where he is on a mission to help driven entrepreneurs interested in a lifestyle redesign escape the 9-5 and build a business they love.

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People either move toward pleasure or away from pain.

Mike’s interest in entrepreneurship goes back many years, but he was compelled to start his first business after attending a network marketing event with his wife. He knew he wasn’t interested in network marketing, but his experience at this event gave Mike the push he needed to take the plunge and start to redesign his life. He understood how to market, connect, and grow, which prompted Mike to launch his online marketing business. Once he saw success and realized he was able to completely redesign his life, Mike was inspired to help others do the same through Hero Theory Coaching. The one obstacle? You can’t coach someone who isn’t ready to be coached.

Why everyone needs a mentor.

Mike discusses the difficulty of working with clients who just aren’t ready to be coached and how he deals with it. He also shares how much he cares about the success of the people he works with and why it’s so important to find people that are ready to make changes. Mike dives into the role of mentorship in his own success and why he believes many are hesitant to invest in a coach or mentor. Mike also shares the role of mastermind groups and the value of investing in a mentor in your own journey.

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The value of serving others in building your dreams.

In discovering his purpose, Mike realized he loves to serve others. He gives insight into the connection of relationship building and service, and why he values being of service to others above all else. Mike believes in building relationships based on service as a way of honoring his purpose and making real connections along the way. He also discusses the importance of ensuring your life is in line with your values, and making adjustments along the way.

Finding time for the things that matter.

As they close out their chat, Tony G. and Mike discuss what keeps people from trying new things and making changes in their life. Complacency and fear of failure certainly play a role, but it’s all about making time for the things that matter most. According to Mike, if it’s a priority, you’ll make the time. In closing, Mike offers a final piece of advice to fellow entrepreneurs who are ready to make a lifestyle change. His advice: realize you already have enough and that the biggest successes in the world face the same obstacles and challenges you face.

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  • [1:16] Tony G.’s introduction of his guest, Mike Murphy.
  • [2:36] How Mike got started as an entrepreneur.
  • [5:41] When did you take action after realizing you wanted to launch a business?
  • [7:32] Some things Mike learned along the way through failed businesses and other obstacles.
  • [10:49] Mike’s investment in his clients’ success.
  • [14:25] The types of clients Mike coaches.
  • [17:38] The role of mentors and masterminds.
  • [19:40] Life outside of coaching and being an entrepreneur.
  • [26:32] Building relationships based on service to others.
  • [34:25] Why are people afraid to push themselves to try new things?
  • [39:17] How you can connect with Mike.



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