Episode 023 – Dr. Jim Ramsey – Transforming Kids’ Lives Through The Performing Arts

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Every person who creates a non-profit starts with a dream to change the world by helping people. It’s often that original, burning desires that keeps them going and makes their organization into the world-changing thing its founders dreamed about when they started. Such is the case with St. Luke’s Performing Arts Academy, an organization that uses the performing arts to give students a chance to make their lives into something more. Dr. Jim Ramsey is the mastermind behind the academy and on this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged, Tony chats with him about the organization, it’s origins, and the massive vision Dr. Ramsey still has for the organization.

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Every child should have a chance to make a better life.

Dr. Jim Ramsey believes that with all his heart, so much so that he’s invested a significant portion of his time and talent into creating an organization that can help students have that chance. He believes that the opportunities provided through his non-profit, St. Luke’s Performing Arts Academy provides the skills and training that can move kids into a new environment with a world of new opportunities. Jim is an example of one man who’s making a huge difference the lives of many children and their families.

850 students involved means at least 850 lives are being changed.

St. Luke’s Performing Arts Academy has a current enrollment of 850 students from all walks of life. Those kids are engaged in the performing arts to learn, to have fun, and to step into a broader world than they may have the opportunity to be in under normal circumstances. Dr. Jim Ramsey has seen kids’ lives changed through their participation and knows that every child involved in the program is having his/her eyes opened to a whole new world. Jim is Tony’s guest on this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged, so be sure you take the time to listen.

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Dreams of a facility to house their dramatic productions.

The St. Luke’s Performing Arts Academy is currently doing a number of productions each summer and is growing in size every year. The vision Dr. Jim Ramsey has of giving every child a chance to better their lives through the performing arts is becoming more and more of a reality every year. His dream is to build or purchase a facility that would enable them to do even more classes, training, and productions to maximize the impact they are having on the lives of students and their families. On this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged you can learn how to support SLPAA and find out more about what they are doing.

Dr. Ramsey’s story can fuel your inspirations to change the world.

When Tony looks for guests to feature on Entrepreneur Unplugged, he’s not looking for people who have made a lot of money, he’s looking for people who use their role as an entrepreneur to make a difference in the world. Today’s guest, Dr. Jim Ramsey is an example of that kind of person, leveraging a performing arts academy to the benefit of children in his community. These are the stories of common people doing uncommon things that can give you the inspiration to believe that you can do the same thing in your world. Be sure to listen to get a boost to your dreams from Dr. Jim Ramsey’s story.

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  • [1:15] Tony’s intro to Dr. Ramsey.
  • [2:43] Dr. Jim Ramsey’s amazing calling: making a difference in kids’ lives.
  • [5:20] How technology is causing disengagement.
  • [6:42] The fine arts and performance outreach Dr. Ramsey has begun.
  • [10:16] How reminders of world-changers fuel a life of meaning.
  • [11:20] 850 kids involved in these non-profit programs.
  • [12:03] Where the St. Luke’s Performing Arts Academy is headed.
  • [14:10] The history of St. Luke’s PAA and an eye toward the future.
  • [16:34] How does the organization generate funds for scholarships?
  • [17:30] What Dr. Ramsey does for fun and relaxation.
  • [20:08] How Dr. Ramsey’s passion drives his activity.
  • [20:42] Big things moving forward for SLPAA.
  • [24:44] How to get involved and connect with Dr. Ramsey.


https://stlukespaa.org/ – Dr. Ramsey’s Performing Arts Academy


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