Episode 021 – Corinna Essa – Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing and Attracting New Clients

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Today’s guest, Corinna Essa, understands what it’s like to work hard to build a business. Her company, Social Media Worldwide handles over 100 clients – offering comprehensive social media plans, along with a plethora of complementary services. Corinna discusses the process of getting started, the value of reputation management, and the importance of knowing how to tackle challenges. It’s clear Corinna has a strong grasp on the social media world – and that’s why she’s able to handle a wide range of client needs with such a high level of expertise.

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The role of reputation management in social media.

Corinna discusses the services offered by Social Media Worldwide and why reputation management is an area of focus for the team. She discusses why this is so important when launching a social media campaign and the industries that are strongly focused on reputation management as a keystone of their social media strategy. Corinna discusses why reputation management is a niche for SMW and the kinds of clients they attract because of that niche. She also gives us a glimpse into how the team structure a social media plan for clients and the process they go through to ensure each client achieves their goals.

Giving away your best content.

Corinna goes on to discuss her love of blogging and why it seemed natural to integrate this into the business plan for SMW. She shares the strategy behind producing compelling content for the blog and her belief that you must give away your best content in order to establish yourself as an expert in the field. Why is that important? Simply put, because that’s how you attract clients. Giving away your best content means you’ll be attracting clients who will pay for your services.

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Turning cold traffic into warm traffic.

Corinna delves a bit deeper into social media strategy with a discussion about some missteps she sees people taking on social media. One of the main mistakes she sees? People treating Facebook like eBay or Amazon. In reality, social media is a place to build a reputation in order to attract new clients. It’s not a place to constantly self-promote. For Corinna, that means you must have a strategy in place to convert cold traffic into warm traffic. The only way to do that? By offering great content and VIP treatment to your fans.

Facing challenges head on.

As Tony and Corinna close out their chat, they discuss a few final tips that can take your social media game to the next level. In closing, Corinna offers some final words of advice. She discusses some advice her brother gave her when Corinna was facing challenges and not sure if she could go on. The advice? The moment you’re about to give up is the moment you’re closest to your breakthrough.

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  • [1:14] Tony G.’s introduction of his guest, Corinna Essa.
  • [1:46] What is Social Media Worldwide?
  • [3:21] The big 3 networks they focus on.
  • [4:03] Corinna’s typical client.
  • [5:34] How many clients do you work with?
  • [6:09] The process of working with clients.
  • [9:14] Some challenges you’re facing in your business.
  • [11:48] What’s working in your business?
  • [13:43] How do you shut off at night?
  • [15:26] What’s your daily routine like?
  • [16:15] How are you attracting clients?
  • [18:52] Corinna’s mentor and the people she looks up to.
  • [19:50] What’s the number one tip you can give to take social media to the next level?
  • [23:02] The best ways to connect with Corinna.
  • [24:02] Corinna’s last piece of advice.


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