Episode 020 – Ian Garlic – Storytelling Through Videos to Help Businesses Grow

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Ian Garlic is a marketing expert with a passion for storytelling. Specifically, Ian works with clients through his company authenticWEB to help them tell their story through videos, which – in turn – grows the brand and the business. For Ian, authenticWEB is a platform to help small businesses grow by using marketing methods that help to establish them as an expert in the field. In this chat with Tony G., Ian shares his passion for storytelling and helping businesses, along with some daily habits that help him stay focused, productive and mindful.

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Meditation is training your mind.

Before they get into the meat of the matter, Ian shares with Tony some daily habits that have dramatically improved his focus and ability to be present. Ian’s day starts with meditation and exercise, which set the tone for a productive, focused day. He discusses how meditation has helped to sharpen his mind and train his mind to be present. According to Ian, meditation helps him appreciate every moment. He also discusses yoga and how staying active helps him stay productive.

Getting your why out.

For Ian, storytelling through video is all about getting your why out. He discusses that fact that some businesses fail to share their authentic story – including their why – because they aren’t sure it has value. The fact is, according to Ian, it’s an essential part of growing your brand. He discusses why the storytelling aspect is so key to the overall web presence of a business and why – in many cases – it’s overlooked. Ian offers insight into the impact getting your why out can have on a small to medium business.

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It’s important to focus on what you’re good at.

As authenticWEB has grown, Ian’s faced some challenges. As a smaller business, Ian was able to be involved in many areas of the business. But today, with so much growth, Ian finds himself unable to be directly involved in as many aspects. It’s a challenge for any business owner and Ian shares how he’s tackled it. He discusses the value of focusing on what you’re really good at, rather than trying to “do it all”. Ian says this can make a huge difference in the long run, but it’s tough at first. For authenticWEB, it’s been about having the right team in place in order to pave the way for substantial growth.

Stick to your core values when developing a team.

As they close out their chat, Ian discusses one of the biggest areas of struggle in the growth of authenticWEB – team development. For Ian, it was about learning that you must stick to your core values when developing the team, in order to have the right people in place. He discusses why ignoring one or two elements of your core values can create issues down the road. Ian also shares insight into life outside of his busy schedule and how he makes sure family is always a priority. Ian’s chat with Tony G. is filled with insight into the process of growing a business and maintaining focus on what matters most.

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  • [0:46] Tony G.’s introduction of his guest, Ian Garlic.
  • [2:15] Things that can go wrong in podcasts.
  • [3:45] Ian’s podcast, The Tao of Inbound.
  • [4:42] Things Ian does daily to get himself in the right mindset.
  • [5:55] The benefits Ian’s had with meditation.
  • [7:57] Do you do yoga?
  • [8:29] The first thing Ian does in the morning.
  • [9:32] How Ian changed his routine and created a more productive, focused mindset.
  • [10:31] How Ian structures the rest of his day to maximize productivity.
  • [12:07] Ian’s approach to emails and communication.
  • [14:08] What is Authentic Web?
  • [15:08] Some of the things that have changed around content recently with regard to the services Authentic Web offers.
  • [17:39] One tip to make a difference in your website.
  • [20:44] How has the transformation of your business changed your life?
  • [22:40] Ian’s onboarding process for the team.
  • [26:56] Some things Ian enjoys doing when he’s not working.
  • [28:41] One story of struggle that Ian faced along the way and how you overcame it.
  • [29:58] How to connect with Ian.


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