Episode 017 – Michael Ross – Applying Customer Service Principles to Collections

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When you hear the term “collections”, it’s not unusual to have a negative reaction. It may bring up feelings of dealing with collectors yourself – and you may remember the negative, harassing experience that came along with it. The approach Michael Ross uses in his business, Collect Pros is totally unique. In fact, Michael applies his deep customer service roots to the business, ensuring that the experience is unlike the “average” collections experience. For Michael, it’s all about taking care of the customer, even when they owe money.

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Applying extensive customer service experience to collections.

Michael’s background is in the call center space. His understanding of customer service is extensive, which is why he’s able to approach Collect Pros with a strong customer service mindset. He explains why it’s important to him to eliminate the typical collections mindset and approach customers with respect. Michael also discusses why this is valuable and gets better results. He shares insight into how Collect Pros came to be and some of the hurdles that go along with being in this business. Dealing with licensing and restrictions means attention to detail is a must.

A focus on trial and multi-pay businesses.

Collect Pros focuses on increasing cash flow for businesses. They work with trial based businesses – businesses that sell products on a trial basis to customers with a promise to pay after the trial period. Collect Pros also works with multi-pay businesses, selling high cost items like exercise equipment, for which the consumer makes multiple payments. This niche allows Collect Pros to attract businesses they understand so they can have the best possible results.

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Using the soft approach to connect with the consumer.

Michael understands why most of us feel uneasy when we think about collections companies. That’s why Collect Pros doesn’t approach collections the way most businesses do. He doesn’t believe in calling the customer, harassing them, or creating a negative experience. Michael discusses the “soft approach” of Collect Pros and why it yields far better results. The ability to connect with the consumer in a positive way lays the groundwork for a better experience for everyone. This, says Michael, is why Collect Pros has a track record of success.

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses.

As they close out their chat, Tony G. and Michael discuss the greatest strengths and weaknesses of Collect Pros. For Michael, the strength comes from his customer service experience. He understands the consumer and is, therefore, better able to work with them to get the resolution the client is after. Michael also shares how he spends his time when he’s not busy running his flourishing business. The Collect Pros model proves that collections doesn’t have to be about being forceful. They get the job done by fostering mutual respect and it’s pretty clear it’s working for them.

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  • [1:26] Tony’s introduction and welcome of his guest, Michael Ross.
  • [3:20] Michael’s background and the work that he’s done.
  • [4:48] How Collect Pros can help the average business.
  • [8:46] How Michael made the transition from call center work to Collect Pros.
  • [11:14] How much competition is there for what Collect Pros does?
  • [13:25] Michael explains the “soft approach” of Collect Pros.
  • [15:13] Their biggest strength as a company.
  • [15:47] The biggest weakness of the company.
  • [18:46] What Michael enjoys doing when he’s not running the business.
  • [21:24] His favorite park other than Dodger Stadium.
  • [21:56] If he had to reinvent his life, what profession would Michael choose?
  • [22:57] How to connect with Michael.



Connect with Michael: Michael <at> CollectPros <dot> com or call 818-231-4036



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