Episode 015 – From Wedding DJ to Builder of a Wedding Empire, with Ryan Bradshaw

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Ryan Bradshaw

Ryan Bradshaw says that when he tells people what he does for a living, most people ask, “What else do you do?” That’s because most people don’t think that being a Wedding DJ is a viable way to make a living. But Ryan not only makes a living being a DJ, he makes an incredible living because he’s built a business, not just a side gig. Ryan’s got many people working for him and does hundreds of weddings every year, all because he built his business to scale rather than keeping it a one man show. You’re going to hear how hustle and a commitment to excellence are creating a wedding empire, on this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged.

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Montana is not exactly the place you’d expect to find a thriving wedding DJ business.

But that’s where Ryan Bradshaw has been able to build his wedding DJ business to an extreme scale. It hasn’t happened accidentally, it’s happened through finding the places to make his business stand out, working hard to be the best in the industry, and working his butt off to make sure that everyone who is looking for a wedding DJ is hearing about him. It’s the recipe for the best DJ company in the area… and he’s got even bigger plans in store. You’ll enjoy hearing how hustle and hard work have made Ryan’s company an amazing source of revenue and the go-to company for wedding DJs in the entire state of Montana.

Hard work and hustle: the recipe for business success.

Ryan Bradshaw says that it’s not all that hard to make money. He believes that anyone can find something they love to do and make money doing it, but it takes doing your homework and not being afraid of hard work. Ryan’s experience is a great example of how it can happen. Take some time to listen to this episode to stimulate your thinking so you can begin brainstorming ideas that might enable you to build your own empire based on the passions you enjoy.

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How Ryan Bradshaw is building a wedding empire in Montana.

Ryan has a goal of his team providing DJ services for at least 700 weddings this year. But that’s his only goal. He’s got a grand vision of creating what he calls a “wedding empire.” He wants to buy his own facility and make arrangements with contractors to provide all the services – from music, to catering, to flowers, to decor. Ryan is a great example of a guy who doesn’t stop dreaming no matter how much success he’s already achieved. It’s the kind of mindset that keeps a business growing even when it looks like you’ve topped out your market.

An intensive DJ training program guarantees he’ll remain the best in the business.

Ryan’s company is so large it’s imperative that he has more DJs than just himself and his partner. And he does. But how does he find them, and more importantly, how does he ensure that they have the skills needed to maintain the standards of quality his company has become known for? He does it through a 90 day training that every DJ has to go through. It’s unheard of in the industry but is the only way he is able to know for certain that every DJ that he employs is doing the kind of work his company can be proud of. What are your quality standards? How do you ensure them? Listen to Ryan’s story to get some ideas for how you can increase the level of quality that ensures repeat business.

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  • [1:17] Tony’s introduction of Ryan Bradshaw, wedding DJ and coordinator.
  • [1:50] Ryan’s story of how his business began and grow to where it is today.
  • [4:36] How the business has changed in 16 years.
  • [5:23] The big mistakes Ryan learned and what he did to fix the problems.
  • [7:05] Tony’s wedding DJ story.
  • [9:43] The “Oh No” moments of a DJs life and how to deal with them.
  • [13:33] How  Ryan has made his reputation the best in the industry.
  • [14:34] The size of Ryan’s current team.
  • [15:28] Tips for someone who is looking for a quality DJ for their wedding.
  • [17:31] 60% to 70% referral business.
  • [18:08] The next HUGE step Ryan is developing – a “wedding empire.”
  • [20:27] How have the officiants of the wedding changed over the years.
  • [22:51] How Ryan finds his DJs and trains them for 90 days.
  • [24:54] How to connect with Ryan and his team.
  • [25:20] Ryan’s helpful tip for any business owner.





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