009 – Melonie DeRose left an International Law Firm to follow her dreams. Passionate about empowering women to get fit and healthy.

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In this episode, we hear from Zeke and Melonie DeRose. They started Fé Fit, a premier health and fitness company for women. Fé Fit was named from the periodic symbol for iron. Zeke and Melonie view mothers as the core of families, who have the capacity to be ‘ironwomen.” Fé Fit’s DVD series offers twenty-eight in-home workouts made specifically for women, each lasting thirty minutes. Fé Fit also recently launched an additional online streamable version. Melonie and Zeke also developed Empact, a natural food company aimed at complementing women’s fitness with healthy, nutritious options. Look for their Empact bar to hit stores this year. The Empact bar stands for empowering and impacting women to be strong and healthy. As business owners, Zeke and Melonie are striving to make a difference in people’s lives and in the lives of their own daughters. Tune in for tips from their journey, on this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged.

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Sparking the entrepreneur spirit

Prior to her journey becoming an entrepreneur, Melonie was practicing law at a major law firm. She was feeling like a bad mom, a bad lawyer, and bad about everything. Fé Fit started because Melonie was at a loss in trying to find a fitness program aimed at women. After giving birth, Melonie was depressed about how she looked and was determined to make a change. After following numerous programs targeted at men, Melonie was fed up. She wanted a program designed to meet her specific post-pregnancy problem areas. Melonie set out to create a new product for women and make something better than anything she had found for herself. A focus group of thousands of women produced an overwhelming desire from women for variety. Their biggest struggle or excuse? Not having enough time. Fé Fit’s thirty minute workouts are designed specifically to meet those needs. Don’t miss the inspiration from this businesswoman.

When nobody knows about your great product.

Zeke and Melonie worked to create twenty-eight unique videos for their Fé Fit DVD. On the front end, they spent about $100,000 in filming costs. Their debt was not worrisome because they created a great product. Next obstacle? Nobody knew about their great product. Zeke and Melonie are their own marketing department. They have seen the most growth in marketing moves simply through Facebook. Their Fé Fit DVD is available for purchase from Amazon. They’ve found the one-step-click to be the best way to go. Amazon takes 15% but it is pennies compared to the audience and marketplace they provide. Zeke and Melonie are seeing great customer feedback and are meeting the initial need that started it all.

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Balancing business and sharing struggles.

A real struggle Zeke and Melonie face is figuring out how to deliver premier products and keep up their pace. They never feel like it is happening fast enough. It can feel slow, and they are not sure they have learned to enjoy the process yet. The timeline from dream to reality was about a year. Sometimes it takes six months to implement even a small idea. Time management seems to always be a goal for Zeke and Melonie as they balance their home life, parenting two young children, and managing two businesses. They entered the entrepreneur world to take more control of their lives, but it is still a constant struggle. They are not fitness trainers themselves or experienced video-makers. It was time consuming for their team to film twenty-eight workouts and edit them in their entirety. They also struggle to keep their love of working out together a priority, which brought them to Fé Fit  in the first place. Can you relate to the on-going process of learning to say no, finding time for yourself, and not bringing work to bed? Be sure to tune in to this conversation on Entrepreneur Unplugged.

What’s on the horizon?

2016 looks exciting for Zeke and Melonie. Their freshly launched downloadable workouts are expanding the variety of trainers in the videos. Their sphere of influence is growing and their Fé Fit movement is gaining ground. The downloadable workout cut down on production time, creating more time to focus on their Empact bars. Zeke and Melonie want to believe they will be a billion dollar company, but are focusing on celebrating the small successes. Their goal is to get the Empact bars into one or two major retailers this year. They want to grow the community they are impacting and continue meeting those needs as it grows. Check out a power couple producing a powerful company, on this episode.

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  • [0:35] Tony G’s welcome and introduction of guests Melonie and Zeke DeRose.
  • [2:49] Pronouncing, Fé Fit, and the mission behind the company.
  • [3:51] Fé Fit and Empact products.
  • [5:32] The onset of the entrepreneurial spark.
  • [7:12] Breaking down the cost of starting their business.
  • [8:23] How Zeke and Melonie are marketing their premier products.
  • [10:01] What is working and what is not working in the businesses.
  • [11:39] On the horizon for 2016.
  • [14:01] Zeke and Melonie openly discuss struggles in their business.
  • [15:39] Making strides in the next 30, 60, and 90 days.
  • [17:06] The entrepreneur lifestyle and not bringing work to bed.
  • [19:55] Melonie on what makes her proud.
  • [22:45] What makes Zeke proud.
  • [26:00] Everyday routines to keep the DeRose’s focused.
  • [28:56] Where you can find Fé Fit and their products.


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