Episode 008 – Ed O'Keefe

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Ed O'keefe appeared on the Entrepreneur Unplugged show with Tony Grebmeier

In today’s dual podcast, Tony G and Ed O’Keefe interview one another. The conversation gets raw and honest as we learn more about our host, as well as entrepreneur and best-selling author Ed O’Keefe. Ed is a mentor and business strategy coach who has built multiple businesses up from nothing. He is the creator and founder of top selling brands such as Marine-D# and strategic consulting products that help motivate entrepreneurs to take their ideas to market. More importantly, Ed is a father of seven kids, all under 11 years old. Join in as Tony G and Ed go back and forth about their backgrounds, what drives their success, and the challenges had along the way.

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Behind the scenes of greatness

How did Tony G make his first million at age 26? And who is Ed O’Keefe? Get a glimpse into where Tony came from, his struggles, and where he is today. We also hear about Ed’s business and what he is currently up to. Ed always thought he would learn a trade and that would determine his career path. He also played volleyball, and his love of the sport turned into a love of coaching. He took coaching to a high level, but knows that when you coach a sport, the fundamental system and training taught at the youngest levels is probably the most important and requires the best skill as a coach. After being broke for 3-4 years, out there hunting and gathering to find his path, Tony took a talent for writing sales copy into the direct response marketing. Once an order came in, he knew he had found his direction. He translated what he knew of coaching volleyball into business coaching. Listen in to Ed’s recipe for success, lessons learned along the way, and the mental toughness required for business owners.

Time Collapse and the traps.

Ed O’Keefe’s new book, titled, “Art of Time Collapsing” was originally titled, “Embracing the Grind.” But often when people grind, it is on the wrong path. Ed addresses and exposes detours and traps entrepreneurs fall into. Are you in the success trap? The selfish trap? Ed discovered that success stems from an ability to see and avoid traps. He argues that we are trained to think sequentially, a false illusion stemming from a fundamentally average educational system.The whole system is designed for you to be all ready to fall into more traps: go to college, go get a job, go get married, then wake up with stuff you do not want and a life you do not recognize. Ed wants you to collapse time and be rid of all that wants to stop you from becoming who you want to be. You’ll have to listen in for how time collapse has worked in Ed as well as Tony G’s lives and businesses.

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The Navy Seal Experience.

The money question today is what Ed was doing last year at this time. Ed used to be an average CrossFitter. He would go to class and stay in shape, but when he heard about Kokoro Camp all that changed. Ed signed up for a version of BUDS Navy Seal’s Hell Week. It became his driving focus and training regimen. Tony G and Ed pick apart Ed’s Navy Seal experience and how he grew from it. Ed was tested to the nth degree by putting himself in the most rigorous environment. He walked in with micro goals and walked out with a huge perspective shift. Listen in for Ed’s comparison to goals in business and knowing the why behind what you are doing, during Hell Week, or in life. Ed has designed his business with real value, foundation, and depth. This episode offers a story of physical grit, translated into business grit.


Whether it is business, athletics, or something else you are tackling, Ed’s advice is to break it up into micro-chunks. Focus on the small and it will grow into the big. He offers wisdom, permission to suck and be awful, as well as encouragement in becoming an overcomer. The excuses are the things we have to work on. What is your current excuse? Start by surrounding yourself by good people, and place yourself in challenging environments. Seek out the help, wisdom, and support you need. You can start right now by listening in to two experts talk life and business with a view from the top. Tony and Ed believe that the secret to bettering yourself is putting yourself in an environment where people are already ready. These are just normal guys, doing normal things, but they are thinking differently. Are you ready?

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  • [0:38] Introduction of today’s guest, Ed O’Keefe.
  • [3:14] Explanation of a dual podcast: Ed and Tony interviewing each other.
  • [5:17] Tony G’s background and beginning.
  • [8:43] The depth of Tony G’s drug and alcohol problem.
  • [10:40] Drugs do not discriminate.
  • [12:12] Ed’s story of growing up with his brother’s addiction problems.
  • [14:02] How Tony G’s made his first million.
  • [16:18] Ed’s background and a glimpse into his projects.
  • [22:52] Determining factors for Ed’s decisions and finding his path.
  • [26:59] The recipe for success.
  • [28:30] Ed’s new book.
  • [32:40] Ed’s “wake up” moment.
  • [35:46] The two main principles Ed teaches.
  • [39:30] False hopes in the book world.
  • [41:31] Do what you want to deep down, despite discouragement.
  • [43:29] Our host’s superpower of choice.
  • [44:56] The most mentally tough thing Tony G has had to overcome.
  • [48:50] Ed’s phase of life and “rat brain.”
  • [50:34] Ed’s Navy Seal experience through Kokoro camp.
  • [58:06] Learning from experiences and looking forward to the future.
  • [1:01:54] Ed’s last tidbit.
  • [1:03:22] Tony G’s last tidbit.



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