Episode 007 – Jeff Weisberg shares the secret to lasting in MLM / Direct Sales for the past 28 years.

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In this episode, we hear from Jeff Weisberg, a Social Networker and global entrepreneur with 28 years experience as a Direct Sales Professional. He is also a single father to two sons. Jeff’s expertise uncovers what Network Marketing, or Multi-Level Marketing, actually is. Jeff has no time for the idea of “get rich quick” in this industry. He knows that if you build your business on sand, it will not last. Jeff dispels popular belief of laziness or relaxing in Network Marketing and paints a picture of the twists and turns in his 28 year journey. His story is one of working hard and overcoming adversity to build a business and lifestyle that allows him to be a father. Jeff is always trying to better himself at life and business by connecting with positive people because he believes you become like those you are surrounded by. Listen in for Jeff’s challenge, inspiration, and positive influence in your own life and business on this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged.

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Building business around a lifestyle

Network Marketing, as Jeff puts it, is a way to market good and services from a manufacturer directly to a customer. You become the marketing team, connecting directly to the marketplace. It has all the benefits of having your own business, without all of the liability.

Jeff has built a business around being a single father and instills in others that it is possible to build your business around your lifestyle. You can build your business around whatever life situation you are in, or that you want to be in. Is it traveling you would like to do? Boating?  Technology today allows you not only to build locally and regionally, but to extend nationally or globally all from the comfort of your own home-or boat. The residual income that you work to build can be your Plan B, or for Jeff, your Plan A. If you are willing to work, follow a system, and are coachable, Network Marketing just might be for you.

Old school and new school

A lot has changed for Jeff Weisberg and for technology in the last 28 years. Jeff, currently 55, first came across #NetworkMarketing at age 19. Jeff was raised to go to school, get good grades, but then get his own business. The industry appeal of making a sale today, but benefiting from residual income made sense to him. Jeff set to work building a foundation for his business for the long-term. The lifestyle a residual income allowed also attracted Jeff. It was 1979: there was no internet, and no cell phones but he had in mind to build a national business. Jeff started old school, but with technology, is now doing amazing things globally from his home, where he has been raising sons by himself for the 12 years. It has afforded him the opportunity to travel the world, coach teams, and focus on raising his kids.

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If you’re not having adversity in life, then you’re probably not doing it right

Jeff got out of the Network Marketing industry temporarily. The fear of a business going under or being shut down is a harsh reality that Jeff lived through. Jeff was financially able to sit back and decide what his next move was. He could evaluate what business opportunities were really a good fit for him. He says that the taste of entrepreneurship and Network Marketing stayed with him. It was never a question of if he would get back into it, but more a question of how. Adversity is a guarantee in life, but Jeff says the key is how you bounce back. It is not what you do, but how you get back to what you set out to do. He credits Jim Rohn and Larry Thompson for teaching him that for things to change, he had to change, and for things to get better, he had to get better. Take a look at your own journey through the story and tips from Jeff on this episode.

Don’t chase the money

If you are really going to take Tony G and Jeff’s advice from this episode, it will change your focus from money to passion. Both Jeff and Tony G agree that they would rather make less money doing what they love than gaining wealth with no passion. Are you one of the many people just getting through life, working just to pay the bills? Jeff is all about business building and not about the hype of Network Marketing. He has seen businessmen out there hooting and hollering about the latest and greatest, the hottest new thing, or the promises of quick wealth. Jeff’s focus on passion has taught him how to hustle and how to plan. Don’t miss this episode of how Jeff got organized, set himself up to stay focused, and embraced change in himself to see the change he wanted to see in his business.

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  • [0:34] Introduction of today’s guest, Jeff Weisberg.
  • [1:07] What Multi-Level Marketing and Network Marketing mean to Jeff.
  • [3:10] Jeff’s experience and lifestyle benefits from the last 28 years.
  • [7:06] Jeff’s temporary step out of the industry.
  • [9:11] Adversity and the fear of a business being shut down.
  • [13:09] One thing: Don’t Chase the Money.
  • [16:07] Daily rituals to get your mindset right.
  • [18:22] You become like the people you are surrounded by.
  • [19:09] How to connect with Jeff.


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