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Tony G is joined for this episode by Suresh May, best-selling author and founder of Wealth Weekly. Suresh is a two time best selling author, a Million Dollar Mindset coach, and a single father of a six year old son. His first book, How to Create Lifetime Customers, became a bestseller. It changed his life and positioned him well and catapulted his business. He was asked to coauthor the second the bestseller under his belt. Suresh is all these things, but most importantly, a dad. It is a rough balance between work and being present in his son’s life. Suresh is critical of himself, always wanting to do better and be better. His ambition and goal-oriented lifestyle, along with having a lot of on his plate, makes it tough to pull himself away from emails and and remember what it is like to be a kid who just needs their dad. Listen in for a real and relatable balance for success in your business and in your life, on this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged.

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Mentorship, the missing piece.

Becoming a best-selling author changed Suresh’s life. Back in 2013, he turned 30 and wanted to figure out his financial struggle. He remembers tough times of his son being hungry and Suresh having no cash on hand. Suresh has been giving the entrepreneur industry a try since 2007, devouring books and researching, but struggling. Mentorship through print was just not working. His self-made company did not provide a stable income and he could not find consistency. Suresh was lost. Yes, he knew he had talents and passion, but he had not yet found his focus or understood the power of focus. The biggest thing Suresh was missing was that mentorship. He needed someone who had already forged ahead and found success at what he was attempting to do. His mindset was hung up thinking that successful people would not want to help him because he viewed himself as unsuccessful. Suresh shares similar struggles among many entrepreneurs today.

Action with more action equals results.

How did Suresh go from struggling to a best-selling author? Suresh put pen to paper and pursued a mentor. He sent letters out to businessmen whose companies were crushing it. In four days, he got a response. It was a quick lesson in simply taking an action step. The man who responded to the letter hired Suresh on to help consult. The presence of a mentor skyrocketed his confidence and knowledge. How did Suresh get a response that led to his success? He looked to add value to a mentor, rather than just glean hard-earned wisdom. He recommends researching what their wants and needs are and taking responsibility for value-adding as you reach out. When you are the guy at the bottom, you forget that the guys at the top need help. Suresh shifted his perspective and helped in a product launch for his first project. He helped with a rewrite and watched the instant financial success. It was an educational introduction about taking action. Your first step might just be to listen in to Suresh’s story.

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Finding your platform and positioning yourself for success

Need some real action steps to get started? Suresh has plenty to offer. If you want to write a book, listen up as Suresh paints a picture of what it entails. Yes, it is an outlet to tell your story, but here’s the game: people imagine sitting down with a blank screen. Suresh recommends the opposite. He outlines every chapter, coming up with the format and detailed outline. He is then positioned to dictate the book. He looks at the outline, and reads it like he’s talking to his best friend. Speaking the book keeps it conversational and avoids the actual writing process. His passion in speaking it helps keep him flowing. After sending it to a  transcriptionist, he then takes the framework of works and edits it to smooth it out. He thinks less about publishing books as creating wealth and more as a useful tool to get business deals. Books are the new business cards. Listen in on how to write a book to position yourself for success greater than your book.

Skip step A, go right to B

Suresh speaks with authority and in absolutes because he believes in his own success. His confidence also comes across as he reaches back and helps entrepreneurs a few steps behind him. He believes in mentorship because it gave him the open door he needed. His advice to the struggler out there who is thinking of quitting the whole entrepreneur gig starts with a knowing of what the breaking point feels like. He says to go for the thing that you want to do. It is simple, really: we’re on this journey and we tell ourselves we have to grunt through whatever step A is, and pay our dues, to get to step B, which is what we actually want to do.  When Suresh wrote those letters to successful people a few steps ahead of him, he was going right to his “B.” There is nothing holding you back, but yourself. If Suresh can pull himself up by his bootstraps, there is nothing stopping you. Find out what else Suresh is after on this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged.

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  • [0:33] Tony G introduces today’s guest, Suresh May.
  • [1:10] Life as an entrepreneur, coach, author, and single father.
  • [2:37] Becoming a best-selling author, twice.
  • [3:25] How Suresh’s live changed from finding focus.
  • [7:14] The story of reaching out for a mentor.
  • [8:52] Suresh’s coaching and giving back to entrepreneurs.
  • [11:05] Advice to tackle writing your first book.
  • [14:21] On the horizon for Suresh in 2016.
  • [17:51] Advice to the struggling entrepreneur.


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