Episode 004 – Shoebox Beginnings to Red Rocks Stages with Sammy Taggett

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Today’s guest, Sammy Taggett is a professional musician out of Denver, and an entrepreneur with a philanthropist heart. He’s developed the Guitar Chorus program as well as a project called Global DJ Now, which is the nuts and bolts of mixing music, cutting up songs and becoming a DJ. IN describing why Sammy does what he does, he quotes his father saying, “A job worth doing is worth doing well.” Sammy lives with his full being and operates from his heart in whatever he does, as demonstrated in this episode or Entrepreneur Unplugged.

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Knowing the “Why”

If you ask Sammy what is working in his life, it comes down to knowing his “why.” He shares about finding the core of why he plays music and what drives him to write new music. Like most musicians, Sammy has hit lulls and knows the feeling of not knowing where music, or the next project, will come from. Sammy has focused in on his “why” which has led to a big breakthrough in his life as of late. Listen in to Sammy’s powerful experiences in writing music from the heart and where he found his inspiration. Let your creative juices flow as your hear the progression and work that led to Sammy’s recent album release.

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Self sabotage and the imposter syndrome

For all that is going well in his career, Sammy is also familiar with wondering why he has been given opportunities to do all that he is able to do. He calls the imposter syndrome the questioning in his mind of whether he is truly taking full advantage of the resources available to him. He is aware of the potential to self sabotage or fall prey to the “bright shiny disorder,” seeing and moving toward the next thing and away from the current project. Sammy is eliminating his “blind spots” and asking himself what will lend itself back into his creative music, studio, and album. Tune in to refocus on what your entrepreneur heart set out to do.

Philanthropy Program

As a child, Sammy was adopted from the Phillipines. He recently went back to the orphanage in attempts to piece together how his life began. While there, Sammy learned he was originally found in a shoebox. He was able to look into his biological roots and shift his paradigm. He realized how truly lucky he was to be afforded the opportunities in life. His heart for philanthropy led to Clean Water Phillipines. The idea stemmed from his visit to the orphanage and where he saw a real need for clean drinking water. In central Manila and the surrounding villages, clean drinking water is hard to come by. Sammy started an initiative that brought clean drinking water systems to 100 families. The biggest worry is that the people will stop using the resources, or not understand how to reap the full benefits. Sammy is happy to report that the systems are still in use and the project is working. They have now extended beyond the Philippines. Learn how you can get involved through Sammy’s website, listed below.

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  • [0:37] Introduction of guest today, Sammy Taggett.
  • [1:20] What is working well in Sammy’s life.
  • [2:07] Launch of Sammy’s album, “The Purpose.”
  • [2:21] What is not working quite so well in Sammy’s life.
  • [3:07] The “bright, shiny disorder.”
  • [3:57] Action steps to address any “blind spots.”
  • [4:45] Sammy’s recent “aha” moments in music.
  • [6:24] Musician and an entrepreneur?
  • [7:31] The Filipino connection.
  • [8:50] A Philanthropy program.
  • [10:08] How you can get involved in the Sammy’s project.
  • [11:25] Breaking it down to the core.




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