Bonus Episode – Todd Tresidder – Strategies for Wealth Building That Are Outside The Box

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Todd Tressidder

There are lots of people out there teaching about how to build wealth. But Todd Tresidder is a guy who’s figured it out himself, the hard way. He’s had plenty of ups and downs in the journey and has discovered that much of what you hear in the “financial education” realm is not worth listening to. During this conversation Todd outlines the 7 steps to building wealth and reveals the great successes that members of his online course community are experiencing in building their own wealth building and business acumen. Find out more by hearing what Todd has to share, on this episode.

Find the constraints that hold you back and break those constraints.

Most people are not held back from success because of outside forces. What holds them back from truly building wealth is inside them – mindset and knowledge issues. Todd Tresidder says that his former coaching practice and now his online wealth building course, are designed to help you uncover those things that are holding you back so that you can break through them and reach the levels of success you never thought possible. You can find out more about Todd’s course and approach to building wealth, on this bonus episode of the Tony G. Show.


  • [1:38] Todd’s story: How he built wealth and teaches others to do the same.
  • [4:00] How and why Todd started podcasting.
  • [7:35] Todd was able to retire at 35. Here’s how.
  • [10:37] The 7 steps to wealth that Todd teaches.
  • [17:05] How coaching demands that you bring your A-game.
  • [21:21] The incredible success Todd’s course students are experiencing.


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