Episode 012 – Brad Costanzo, is a marketing expert whether working with clients or starting and selling his own companies.

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Brad Costanzo appeared on the Entrepreneur Unplugged show with Tony Grebmeier

Today’s guest, Brad Costanzo, offers entrepreneur expertise to today’s world of business and marketing. He has built a successful consulting practice, helping business owners grow their business and profits. This conversation introduces Brad’s current projects, a podcast called Bacon Wrapped Business, and the coffee company, Stiletto Coffee, started alongside his wife. Brad once wondered if there was anything to the whole “making money from the internet” entrepreneur thing. He opted out of schlepping around for a job relevant to his resume and started an information product business. He used information product development as a learning laboratory to figured out how to create a website and online presence. Brad’s business began growing, leading to relationships and connections, which led to selling his business and stepping into a consulting role. Brad, a self-proclaimed “jack of all trades,” specializes in the overall strategy. His podcast allows him to talk about engaging topics, pick the brains of business owners, and grow his circle of influence. Brad also recently combined his experience in digital marketing with his wife’s Brazilian coffee upbringing to start Stiletto Coffee. Get the inside story on today’s episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged.

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The bacon wrapped idea.

Brad’s podcast, Bacon Wrapped Business: “Sizzling Hot Business Advice Guaranteed to Make You FAT…PROFITS,” began in a fury. As a guest on someone else’s podcast, Brad mentioned his podcast idea. The host asked what it was called, challenging him with the reality that he now had to launch the show. The podcast would air in ten days, leaving listeners wondering where Brad’s bacon wrapped show was. Brad got to work registering the domain name, recording episodes, and figuring out how to actually pull it off. Although he was thrown into podcasting world, Bacon Wrapped Business is alive and well. Brad has grown his sphere of influence and recently interview a billionaire, a billionaire. Listen in to Brad’s advice to go for it and gain traction in your business.

A platform through a podcast.

The power of a podcast platform allowed Brad to connect and interview a billionaire. His business is growing, his podcast is growing, and he is gaining listeners, but how? Brad offers advice on how to use your podcast as a platform, and unleash its full potential. The number one way to grow your podcast? Be on other people’s podcasts. Your presence in the podcast world puts you in a direct link to the market of podcast listeners. Social media outlets work, but being on a podcast shoots straight to that target audience. Having guests on your own podcast is the perfect time to get them to share the show, not just on social media, but also in their newsletters, emails, and circles of influence. You can also build your audience through ads and by making it accessible. People will promote your podcast, you just have to make it easy. Brad is a great example of his own advice as he joins Tony G. on today’s episode.

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Breaking into the coffee business.

One nugget of wisdom Brad shares is that you are always a newbie at something, especially in the world of entrepreneurs. When it came to coffee, Brad knew nothing, he just started. Brad and his wife, recently married, spent much of their honeymoon downtime talking

and dreaming. Brad started “coaching” her as he would a client, getting to the heart of what she is passionate about, what could see herself doing. One conversation, had over coffee, turned into talking about coffee. Brad’s wife had been around the business since she was a child, growing up on coffee farms in Brazil. Combine that with her aspiration to try something as an entrepreneur and a serious conversation started about what would it look like if they got into the business. Stiletto Coffee is Brad’s first experience with actually having a physical product. It took trial and error to build from his wife’s knowledge of coffee beans to actually roasting and figuring out what they were doing. Their challenge to take on this business has them feeling like newbies, but as entrepreneurs, that feeling should not stop.

Utilizing platforms and promoting product.

Brad’s wife’s story is an immigrant’s success story. Brad shares her struggle of coming to the United States with no college education, not knowing English, and clawing her way up in the working world. She is a born and bred coffee connoisseur, who hustled and worked hard to earn success. Her road was not easy, which helps promote their brand and product of “class and sass.” Brad and his wife added a social component of giving a portion of profit to inspire female entrepreneurs and equip women with helpful resources. Stiletto Coffee is really a lifestyle brand that sells coffee. Their signature blend is called, “Little Black Dress” and they have a single origin organic coffee called “Elevation.” The coffee even comes in a black satin bag, creating a unique wow factor for women. Brad and his wife embraced feeling like newbies, and encourage you to feel like a newbie at something all the time. Stick with your goals even in the moments when you cannot figure it out. Be sure to tune in to this episode for those hidden hints that will grow your business.

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  • [0:35] Tony G’s introduction of guest Brad Costanzo.
  • [1:57] Brad’s backstory and journey to success.
  • [6:09] The process and pace of Brad’s endeavor to start a podcast.
  • [7:56] The power of a podcast platform.
  • [10:35] How to grow your podcast and get listeners to promote it.
  • [18:30] The story behind Stiletto Coffee.
  • [23:32] Details, information, and a coupon code for Stiletto Coffee.
  • [25:49] Business and entrepreneurial wisdom from Brad’s experience.


Brad’s podcast: http://baconwrappedbusiness.com

Stiletto Coffee website: www.StilettoCoffee.com

Stiletto Coffee email: info@StilettoCoffee.com

Stiletto Coffee Coupon code for 25% off: Bacon

Brad’s earlier software business of custom voices and GPS tones: www.pigtones.com

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