(Raw & Uncut 001) Overcoming Fear in Business and Life

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Tony G. appeared on the Entrepreneur Unplugged show with Tony Grebmeier

Today, Tony G looks fear in the face. Listen in as Tony discloses his own list of fears and how the action steps he has taken to move past them, in business and in life. Have you spend a lifetime trying to look good, to avoid looking bad? Tony gets honest about the fear of even pushing play for this podcast. He has overcome many obstacles in his life. Today, Tony speaks from his heart. Listen in to address your own obstacle of fear today.

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Defining fear

If you look up the dictionary definition of fear, you find something that can hold you back and prevent you from moving forward. What conversations do you have inside your own head? What do you say to yourself? What are you afraid of? The thing that happens between your own two ears is of utmost importance.  What is the opposite of fear? Listen in for various definitions of fear, from the dictionary to Eleanor Roosevelt to Salvador Dali. Tony G takes the time to work past detrimental consequences of giving way to fear.

Write fear a letter

Can you leave fear behind? Fear belongs in our lives, it is a good thing, but we can take control and move past it. Tony G talks about how fear will always be with us, but we can leave it in a corner for the night. Take some pen and paper and write, “Dear Fear.” Take this challenge from Tony because fear does not need to get in the way of where you or your business are headed. Find acceptance of fear’s presence and the value from Tony G going raw and uncut on today’s episode.

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  • [0:25] Tony G’s introduction
  • [0:30] Tony’s admission of fear.
  • [1:14] Distinctions from a workshop experience
  • [1:55] The definition of fear.
  • [2:19] The thing that holds us back.
  • [3:14] What Tony believes today.
  • [4:04] People’s unique definitions of fear.
  • [5:04] Action steps to address fear.
  • [6:30] Encouragement for your journey with fear.


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